STV9060 – Trial Public Defense

Course content

The PhD candidates will perform a trial public defense the last semester before planned submission of thesis. In the trial defense, there will be two opponents. The first opponent is expected to read and comment on the entire dissertation. The second opponent will only read and comment on the introduction and, in the case of a monograph, the conlusion.

The participants shall summarize their insights in a short reflection note and send this to the Department and supervisors after the seminar.

The foundation for the trial public defense shall be submitted to the department at the latest 14 days prior to the trial public defense

Learning outcome

The trial public defense is intended to:

  • give you specified feedback on the dissertation prior to your submission
  • provide you with experience in presenting and substantiating central findings and results from your own research, also for a non-expert audience in your field of research
  • provide you with experience in assessing other candidates scientific presentations and giving constructive feedback


You register for the trial public defense in the beginning of the semester when you will be following the semiar. Registration for the trial public defense is done through Studentweb.

The trial public defense is reserved for students whom have been admitted to the PhD programme at the Department of Political Science.

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Spring and autumn

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)