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UV9040B is organized by the research groups HEDWORKHumStudCLEG and COSER.

The intention of the research workshops is to ensure the closer follow-up of the PhD fellows throughout the first two years, as well as to create frameworks for academic collaboration.

Participation in the research seminar is a mandatory part of the PhD fellows’ research education, and is to take place during the first two years of the fellowship period. 

The obligatory elements in the research seminar:

  1. During the first semester, the candidate's project plan is to be presented and discussed.
  2. During the seminar, candidates are to have prepared a response to at least one project proposal.
  3. In addition to their own project presentation, candidates must participate in a minimum of six research seminar gatherings. 
  4. Candidates must conduct midway assessment of their projects.

The midway assessment must be conducted before the candidates are granted the credits for the research seminar. It can be carried out as an integral part of the seminar, but also outside of this framework. In line with current practice, the midway assessment is organized in cooperation with the research education coordinator.

The project presentation during the first semester is a key element of the research seminar as it is very important that the fellows relatively quickly revise and focus the project proposal for which they were admitted to the programme. In addition, the seminar may address relevant academic topics, or more generic themes, such as conference presentations/poster presentations.

The supervisor meets when the candidate has a presentation of the project proposal.


Only candidates admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Educational Sciences may attend this seminar. 

Candidates at the Faculty of Educational Sciences should apply through Studentweb 


The number and duration of meetings are at least 3 two-hour meetings per semester. 



Completed obligatory elements in the research seminar (please see above).

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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