Special interest groups

  • Acem Student Group
    Student group at UiO for those interested in Acem Meditation
  • Applitude
    Applitude is an association for anyone interested in app development. We arrange courses, social (h)appenings and meet regularly to program together.
  • Blindern Student Garden Association
    The Blindern Student Garden Association will responsibly manage the student garden at Blindern campus behind the Helga Engs House.
  • Coffeeread
    A good book is always best with a good cup of coffee. With Coffeeread we'll meet to discuss good books while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Futurum
    Bring together students to discuss topics regarding the future.
  • Homebrew
    Homebrew is a pun. It alludes to hjemmebrygging, a norwegian word and homebrew, a package manager for Mac OS.
  • IFI Chess
    Chess Association at the department of informatics at University of Oslo
  • IFI Game Development
    The purpose of the association is to evoke the game development interest among students, while simultaneously letting students share knowledge and cooperate on projects.
  • IFI Podcast
    Podcast at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • Oslo Go-club
    The term "Go", reffers to the board game "Go", which the club revolvs around.
  • Steinbiten aquaclub
    Aquarium Society for all interested at the Department of Biology.
  • UiO Finance and Investment Society
    The UiO Finance and Investment Society seeks to promote the interest for finance and investment amongst the students at the University of Oslo.
  • UniPlay
    UniPlay stands for "University Play", in other words: A video-game association for students.
  • UV Friluft
    An outdoor student society for students, stationed at The Faculty of Educational Sciences. Link: https://www.facebook.com/uvfriluft/?ref=bookmarks
  • Vegan Student Society in Oslo
    A group for vegan students and students that are interesseted in veganism. You don't have to be vegan to join.
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