Special interest groups

  • Academic Bridge Club
    Club for card game bridge. We play competitive bridge, under the Norwegian bridge federation.
  • Acem Student Group
    Student group at UiO for those interested in Acem Meditation
  • Akademisk Chess Club
    Akademisk Chess Club is the student chess club at the University of Oslo. The club was founded in 1919 by Helge Ingstad and has had varying activity levels since then. New members or others with an interest are very welcome (we also accept non-students as members).
  • Applitude
    Applitude is an association for anyone interested in app development. We arrange courses, social (h)appenings and meet regularly to program together.
  • Blindern Student Garden Association
    The Blindern Student Garden Association will responsibly manage the student garden at Blindern campus behind the Helga Engs House.
  • Coffeeread
    We will meet up to discuss good literature, and a the same time enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
  • D&D is for nerds
    "D&D is for nerds" is a Dungeons & Dragons (Board game/Roleplaying game) society for (primarily) IFI students, but all are welcome!
  • Homebrew
    Homebrew is a pun. It alludes to hjemmebrygging, a norwegian word and homebrew, a package manager for Mac OS.
  • IFI Bookclub
    Bookclub at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • IFI Chess
    Chess Association at the department of informatics at University of Oslo
  • Ifi Rotor
    Student association for rc enthusiasts
  • Oslo Go-club
    The term "Go", reffers to the board game "Go", which the club revolvs around.
  • Radikal Portal
    Radikal Portal (Blindern) is a branch of Radikal Portal (radikalportal.no).
  • Steinbiten aquaclub
    Aquarium Society for all interested at the Department of Biology.
  • UiO Finance and Investment Society
    The UiO Finance and Investment Society seeks to promote the interest for finance and investment amongst the students at the University of Oslo.
  • UniPlay
    UniPlay stands for "University Play", in other words: A video-game association for students.
  • UV Friluft
    An outdoor student society for students, stationed at The Faculty of Educational Sciences. Link: https://www.facebook.com/uvfriluft/?ref=bookmarks
  • Vegan Student Society in Oslo
    A group for vegan students and students that are interesseted in veganism.
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