Cultural and social events

  • Department Formula 1
    Arrange showings of everything Formula 1 related
  • Helga Hele Uka (HHU)
    Helga Hele Uka is a student union and a festival for all students at Helga Engs House/Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • HumAk
    HumAk is the humanitarian fundraising organization at the faculty of law. It is a combined fundraising and festival, that is held every other year.
  • Ifi-dagen
    Every year Ifi-dagen holds two career fairs: ettermiddagen@ifi and dagen@ifi. dagen@ifi is the largest student-driven event at UiO, and is held every autumn.
    Nepalese Student Community in Oslo
  • Student Association for Medical Innovation
    SMI UiOs mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students currently enrolled in courses related to medicine and health at the University of Oslo.
  • Students Association for Psychedelic Science
    Student society connected to the Norsk Forening for Psykedelisk Vitenskap and focused on the scientific investigation of the properties of psychedelic drugs and their possible therapeutic effects.
  • ToastJærn
    We will gather students around something as simple and good as toast.
  • Trip - psychological travel group
    Trip-Psychological Travel Group’s purpose is to expand the horizon of PSI's students in both a curricular and extracurricular sense, and to provide insight into other countries' approach to psychology
  • UKA at Blindern
    UKA på Blindern is a student festival with a lot to offer; conserts, revue, lectures and stand-up - all with student friendly prices. As a student festival,UKA på Blindern tries reaching SiO students.
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