Religious, humanist and philosophical associations

  • Christian Union
    Oslo Christian Studentfellowship (OKSL) is a group of students who dream of fulfilling for our vision: "We will make Jesus known at all campuses in Oslo, so He is believed, loved and followed."
  • Emmaus Psychology Association
    To create meeting points, rooms for thought and faith community for psychology students and professionals with interest in the intersection between Christian faith and psychology.
  • Jesus Movement
    Jesus Movement is a movement of students who love Jesus, with a vision of the gospel to universities and schools around the world
  • Jussnavigatørene Oslo
    Jussnavigatørene Oslo is a christian student association at the faculty of law, run by The Navigators. Vi gather every other tuesday in the faculty building, to spend time with God and eachother.
  • Lukas
    Lukas is the Christian association for students of medicine, dentistry and clinical nutrition.
  • Muslim Students Association
    Muslim Student Association (MSA).
  • Oslo Student Christian Movement
    Oslo Student Christian Movement is a theologically liberal/open student fellowship, working for peace, justice and equality.
  • Student Society of the Sick Horses
    A society whose main objective is to spread its world view to all peoples as clearly as humanly and equinely possible.
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