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Student societies - alphabetical list

  • Academic bridge club
    Club for card game bridge. We play competitive bridge, under the Norwegian bridge federation.
  • Academic Shooting Society
    Academic Shooting Union is primarily for students at the University of Oslo, but we also have members from the Oslo University College and other institutions.
  • Acem Student Group
    Student group at UiO for anyone interested in Acem Meditation
  • Akademisk Korforening
    UiO’s official mixed choir
  • Amnesty Jus Oslo
    Amnesty Jus Oslo (AJO) is an Amnesty International subgroup at the Faculty of Law.
  • Antropress
    Antropress is the journal for students of social anthropology at the University of Oslo
  • Archaeological Student Organization
    The Archaeological Student Organization aim to make contributions towards the academic and social environment among students and others, with an interest in archaeology and conservation.
  • Argument magazine
    Argument is an award-winning, cross-disciplinary and politically diverse student magazine with a broad profile.
  • Arrangementsforeningen Eilert
    Arrangmentsforeningen Eilert aims to improve the social and academic environment for the sociology students at the University of Oslo.
  • Artificial
    Amateur art association at UiO
  • Art of Living Student Organization Oslo
    Art of Living offers activities that eliminates stress, gives a sense of belongingness, recovers human values and encourages everyone to meet in a celebration of and service to life.
  • A Scalpella
    - Mixed choir for medical, dentist and nutritionist students in Oslo.
  • Association of Physics Students
    Association of Physics Students is the society for undergraduates at Physics and Astronomy, and we stand for some of the social happenings at the Department of Physics.
  • Association of Ukrainian Students in Oslo
    Bring together Ukrainian students, academics, and alumni; provide a platform to express our concerns; interact socially with each other and others interested in Ukrainian culture.
  • Attac Student Association Oslo
    ATTAC is an international organization opposing neo-liberal globalization and instead developing social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all.
  • BABEL Film Club
    Film club that focuses on films from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Biørneblæs Student-Orchestra
    Biørneblæs is the Student-Orchestra at the University of Oslo, Campus Blindern.
  • Blindern pubbingo association
    BPF invites you to late nights with bingo. We pay tribute to the most best thing Norwegian culture has to offer, "bygdestemning". We are known by togetherness, good vibes and great prizes.
  • Blindern Rockeswing
    Blindern Rockeswing is a student organization at University of Oslo.
  • Blindern Volleyball Assocation
    BVA´s purpose is to stimulate interest in volleyball among students, as well as to arrange social and cultural activity for the association's members and other volleyball enthusiasts.
  • Bolleyvall Volleyball
    Bolleyvall Volleyball's purpose is to promote a social and active experience through playing volleyball with a low skill threshold, for all students regardless of faculty and school.
  • Boygen
    Bøygen is a literature periodical run by master students at the Humanities Faculty at The University of Oslo.
  • Cabaret Intime
    Cabaret Intime is a part of Juristforeningen ("The Jurist Association") at The Faculty of Law and organizes an annual student revue.
  • Changemaker Oslo Student
    Changemaker's student group is Norway's largest youth organization working with development policy. We are primarily linked to UiO, but also welcome students from other institutions.
  • Chinese Studies Student Association
    Chinese Studies Student Association is an association intended for students at the bachelorsprogram Chinese and China-studies, but also Chinese Society and Politics (master).
  • Chorus Mixtus
    The Law Faculty´s Mixed Choir
  • Christian Union
    Oslo Christian Studentfellowship (OKSL) is a group of students who dream of fulfilling for our vision: "We will make Jesus known at all campuses in Oslo, so He is believed, loved and followed."
  • Cinema Neuf
    Film society at the Norwegian Students' Society.
  • Coffeeread
    A good book is best with a cup of coffee. In Coffeeread we'll meet to discuss good books while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Congregatio Forensis
    Congregatio Forensis offers practical, academic and social activities to law students campus life and encourages interest in business and finance related topics.
  • Corpsus Juris
    The Law Facultys's student band. We play together, travel and try to entertain (ourselves and others, mostly in that order) as much as possible.
  • Cybernetisk Selskab
    Cybernetisk Selskab is the society for informatics students at the University of Oslo. We also run the pub/kafé Escape
  • Dancing Doctors
    Dancinggroup for students of medicine, odontology and nutrition.
  • Defi - the design organization at Ifi
    Academic and social program-organization for "Informatikk: design, bruk, interaksjon" at UiO.
  • De Forente Noter
    The purpose of De Forente Noter is to be a student choir that promotes unity and creativity among the students at the Bachelor programme for International studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Den medievitenskapelige linjeforening
    Den medievitenskapelige linjeforening is a student assosiation for those who studies at the Departement of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo!
  • Dental Health Students Without Borders - UiO
    TUG UiO's purpose is to promote humanitarian work within dental health amongst students, as well as arrange social and relevant humanitarian activities for the associated members.
  • Department Formula 1
    Arrange showings of everything Formula 1 related
  • Det Medicinske Søsterskab
    The purpose of the Medical Sisterhood is to promote the joy of singing and sisterhood among female students at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Digitus
    The aim of Digitus is to foster academic competence within the fields of the DigØk, as well as contribute to strengthen the social environment in the study program and in the institute and faculty
  • DKSF - Conservative Students HS Oslo
    DKSF is the Oslo Conservatives' student organization that brings together conservative students at higher education institutions. With DKSF, you get the opportunity to participate in our activities.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Students Oslo
    Make friends, make stories and adventures together in a fantasy world you create. It’s Skyrim without limits – and with multiplayer. Come and try it out at our cool events -- now with pizza!
  • Education Students in the Union of Education Norway, at UiO
    The Education Students (ES) in the Union of Education Norway is a politically independent trade union, working to promote the interests of student teachers.
  • Effective Altruism UiO
    EA UiO tries to find the most effective ways to make this the best possible world. By joining us you can participate to exciting projects, inspiring discussion meetings and social activities.
  • ELSA - Oslo
    ELSA Oslo is part of the European Law Students' Association, and offers valuable academic and international experience alongside everyday studies.
  • Emmaus Psychology Association
    To create meeting points, rooms for thought and faith community for psychology students and professionals with interest in the intersection between Christian faith and psychology.
  • Erasmus Student Network
    Our goal is to represent international students, and help them to integrate in to norwegian society, as well as in to the university`s environment.
  • European Students of Oslo (JEF Norway)
    European Students Oslo is a part of JEF Norway and is a cross-party organization focused on EU-related topics. This is an arena for discussion and learning, everyone is welcome.
  • European Youth Parliament Oslo Student Association
    EYP Oslo SA is a part of EYP Norway which caters to students interested in EYP and European politics. We aim to connect students in Oslo to the wider EYP network by sharing experience and expertise.
  • Extinction Rebellion UiO
    Extinction Rebellion UiO is to encourage a dialogue around the climate crisis at UiO. We will hold lectures, group conversations and creative means to put the climate crisis on the political agenda!
  • Faculty of Law Skiing Association
    Host ski trips and other winter activities for students at the faculty of Law, UiO and associates.
  • Fadderstyret ved Institutt for informatikk
    The associations purpose is to plan and arrange the study start week for the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo.
  • FAKS Oslo
    FAKS Oslo is a party-politically neutral student organization that is open to all students who see themselves as conservative
  • Farmasøytisk Fagutvalg
    Student Council, School of Pharmacy
  • FIFI - the football association at the Department of Informatics
    FIFI is short for Football at the Department of Computer Science. We organize weekly trainings at Domus Athletica, and other social events.
  • Filologen magazine
    - A magazine for students at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo
  • Folkeliggjort
    We are the student organization that gives students means, incentive and encouragement to change their everyday study and higher education.
  • Forening for Organisasjonspsykologi (FOP)
    FOP is a student association for students with a particular interest in organizational/industrial/work psychology.
  • Fortid
    Student journal of history.
  • Frederik
    Student society at the Department of Economics
  • Friends of the Earth students in Oslo
    We are a student group for all students concerned with climate change. Make friends and raise awareness together with us. Events like seminars, cabin trips, green pils, meet-ups and campaigns.
  • Friminutt
    We are a social union for everyone! We want to do different activities, especially canonball.
  • Future in our hands Oslo student
    We are an organization working practically with environmental and solidarity issues.
  • Gæa Norvegica
    Gæa Norvegica is the student association at the Department of Geosciences.
  • Geoscience volleyball association
    Social volleyball club for students at the Department of Geosciences.
  • Glædeskoret Justitia
    Girls' choir at the Faculty of Law
  • Green List
    Green List is a political list at the University of Oslo.
  • Grevling
    Grevlings aim and purpose is to create a good environment socially and academically for students attending Lektorprogrammet (Kultur- og samfunnsfag).
  • Helga Hele Uka (HHU)
    Helga Hele Uka is a student union and a festival for all students at Helga Engs House/Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Homemade Music Society
    A low-bar place where people can show themselves and share homemade music, covers, mashups or mixtapes. Also, meet and chat with other people and inner artists! Target group: music lovers
  • HONning
    HONning Students' Association for the Honours program at the University of Oslo.
  • HumAk
    HumAk is the humanitarian fundraising organization at the faculty of law. It is a combined fundraising and festival, that is held every other year.
  • IAESTE Oslo
    The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.
  • ICJ-Student
    International Commission of Jurists is an international human rights organization, founded in 1952, with a secretariat based in Geneva. The organization has a norwegian branch.
  • Ifi-dagen
    Every year Ifi-dagen holds two career fairs: ettermiddagen@ifi and dagen@ifi. dagen@ifi is the largest student-driven event at UiO, and is held every autumn.
  • IFI-logen
    Our goal is to get a jacuzzi at institute for infomatics.
  • IFI-Newspaper
    IFI = Department of Informatics
  • IFI-ProgSys
    Society for students at the bachelor- and master programmes Informatics: Programming and System Architecture
  • Impro Neuf
    We aim to provide improvised theatre to Det Norske Studentersamfund, by means of workshops, shows and similar.
  • Insj
    Insj`s misson is to help students at the university realize their ideas. Our vision is to the a key player of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo.
  • International Students' Union
    ISU UiO is a branch of ISU Norway, a non-profit organization run for and by international students. All international students are automatically members of the union. No membership fees required.
  • Jesus Movement
    Jesus Movement is a movement of students who love Jesus, with a vision of the gospel to universities and schools around the world
  • JF Dans
    Dancegroup for the Faculty of Law at UiO
  • Juridisk klimaforening
    The association works at various levels to ensure a living climate for the future, and will work on how legal tools can be used in solving the climate crisis.
  • Juristforeningen (JF)
    Juristforeningen organizes a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities for law students.
  • Jussnavigatørene Oslo
    Jussnavigatørene Oslo is a christian student association at the faculty of law, run by The Navigators. Vi gather every other tuesday in the faculty building, to spend time with God and eachother.
  • Kaffeforeninga
    The main purpose of the Coffee Association is to disseminate knowledge about coffee with an emphasis on culture, taste and brewing techniques. The association is open to all students.
  • Kjellerutvalget, Traugots Kjeller
    Student pub with social activites at The Faculty of Education
  • Kjemiforeningen Proton
    Protons goal is to create a good academic and social environment for students connected to the chemical institute.
  • Kling Kokos
    Kling Kokos, Department of Psychologys' student choir at the University of Oslo. Founded 2007.
  • Konsertforeningen Betong
    Arranging concerts at Chateau Neuf.
  • Korean Studies Student Association
    Korean Studies Student Association will represent the students at the University of Oslo who are interested in learning about Korea and the Korean language.
  • Kor i Granskauen
    The association's purpose is to provide an untraditional and rhythmically focused choir for young adults and students in Oslo.
  • Kulturhistorisk Fagutvalg
    The purpose of Kulturhistorisk Fagutvalg is to create social and cultural-history focused events for students on the Kulturhistorie program at UiO.
  • Kulturjournalen
    The purpose of the association is to produce a high quality journal at the University of Oslo. The content is usualy based on reviews or essays about literature, film, art and ideas.
  • Kurdish Student Association
    The purpose of the Kurdish Student Association is to offer a social arena for Kurdish students at the University of Oslo and other SiO-registered educational institutions.
  • Labour Students Union Oslo
    Because the Labour Students Union Oslo is subordinate to the Oslo Labour Party. It's is currently led by Eva Strømme Moshuus as Chairman of the Board and me as Deputy Chairman of the Board.
  • Labour Union Student Organisation at UiO
    The Labour Union Student Organisation at UiO is a political and social arena for students in Oslo.
  • La Comunidad
    La Comunidad is an association organized by spanish students at UiO. The association is an open arena for people with special interest in the spanish language.
  • Lanx Satura
    Lanx Satura publishes satirical student papers per semester. Our role is to provide students with an outlet for expressing themselves in a humoristic manner textually.
  • LASSO (Literary Journal)
    LASSO is a non-profit literary journal whose goal is to reach out to students of literature and languages on BA and MA-level.
  • Latin American Association Student chapter (LAF Studentlag)
    LAF studentlag is the student chapter of the Latin American Associaton. Our goal is to share information about Latin America as well as the Spanish and Portuguese languages with students in Norway.
  • Law Students' Sports Club
    The law students at the University of Oslo can be a member of the Sports Club.
  • Legestudentenes interesseforening for sutur og strikk - LISS
    The association is primarily intended as a social break from reading. Sometimes we contribute with our handcrafts to different projects like clothes for the neonatal intensive care.
  • LEGIO XV Apollinaris
    Legio XV Apollinaris is a student group for those that are interested in Roman history, reenactment and handworks.
  • Lilliputians painting association
    Miniature figure paintingclub for students at UiO
  • Line Association for Psychology Students
    The objective of the Line Association for Psychology students is to strengthen the social environment for students at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.
  • Linguistics Student Association
    Student society for students at the Linguistics program or those interested in Linguistics at the University of Oslo.
  • LRO Oslo
    1. Prevent drug problems among adolescents 2. Increase students knowledge of drugs
  • Lukas
    Lukas is the Christian association for students of medicine, dentistry and clinical nutrition.
  • Marco Polo Association
    Marco Polo Societies is an organization aims to promote partnership and break cultural barriers between the east and west, mainly China and Norway. The association is mainly for UiO students.
  • Mathjelpen
    The Clinical Nutrition Students’ Food Information
  • Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign
    Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign.
  • Medical Students' Mental Health Information (MMO) Oslo
    Our goal is to contribute to more openness and information about mental health, as well as gather the subject areas psyche and soma. Treatment of patients will not occur.
  • Medical Students' Society
    Medical Students' Society
  • Medicinsk Paradeorchæster
    Norway's oldest academic student orchestra
  • Medisinerstudentenes revy
    Traditional revue produced and arranged by students at the Faculty of Medicine, Nutrition and Odontology at the University of Oslo.
  • Mehnat
    Mehnat's purpose is to promote career interest among Muslim students, as well as to arrange social and career related activity for the association's members and other career enthusiasts.
  • Menageriet
    - Student society for the “Materials science for Energy and Nanotechnology” program at UiO
  • Middel East studies student assosiation Shababik شبابيك
    Cultural organization for Middle-East students and everyone who is interested in Arabic culture and language.
  • Mino.Jur
    Mino.Jur is an organization for minorities at the Faculty of Law. The organization aims to create networking oppurtunities and contacts among minorities, and contribute to professional development.
  • MOLO
    Student journal for the History of Ideas.
  • MSO
    MSO Oslo is an ideal organization by medical students at the faculty of medicine, University of Oslo, working with sexual health information.
  • Muslim Students Association
    Muslim Student Association (MSA).
  • Naturviterne student UiO
    Naturviterne is a trade union for everyone with an higher eduction and degree within the natural sciences.
  • Navet
    Navet is the business contact at the Institute of Informatics and aims to connect the students to the corporate market.
    Nepalese Student Community in Oslo
  • Nicolay Archaeological Journal
    Nicolay Archaelogical Journal is published by archaeology students at the Department of Archaeology, History and Conservation at the University of Oslo.
  • NITO Students UiO
    Social and academic club for technology, ICT and science students at UiO.
  • Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
    Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
  • Norwegian Medical Students' Association Oslo
    Norwegian Medical Students' Association (NMSA) is the student body of the Norwegian Medical Association. In addition, it is a non-governmental organisation and the medical students labor union.
  • Norwegian People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern
    Norwegian People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern.
  • Norwegian Student Actuarial Association
    The purpose is to create well-being for the students during the study through academic and social events. We will work for closer ties between students and the industry, to ensure job opportunities.
  • NTL Ung students in Oslo
    NTL Ungs student group in Oslo is open for students who wish to volunteer to work with union related politics at the university.
  • Nutritionboys
    Nutrutionboys' purpose is to create a good social and learning environment for students at Klinisk ernæring at UiO
  • Odontologforeningen
    Student society at the Faculty of Dentistry
  • OSI Aikido
    OSI Aikido is a Japanese martial arts sport.
  • OSI Athletics
    OSI Athletics trains throughout the year and welcomes both beginners and advanced athletes
  • OSI Badminton
    OSI Badminton offers activities both for new beginners and experienced players. The group offers a great social environment for badminton- loving students.
  • OSI Basketball
    OSI Basketball is known to be the most social basket club in Norway. OSI Basketball gets good results in the national student championships.
  • OSI Capoeira
    OSI Capoeira practice a Brazilian martial art which is based on rhythms and dance. All students are welcome, both beginners and those who have experience from Capoeira.
  • OSI Climbing
    OSI Climbing gathers several times each week to climb. Every year we hold many beginners courses and travel both in Norway and internationally to find new spots.
  • OSI Couples Dance
    OSI Pardans is one of OSI groups. The group organizes classes in different styles from all over the world. The classes are in different levels.
  • OSI Cross-country skiing
    OSI Cross-country skiing have technique trainings all winter. In the beginning of the season they will hold beginners classes after requests. They also train throughout the rest of the year.
  • OSI Cycling
    OSI Cycling is an active group which meet several times per week to practice in the Oslo area. In the winter, the group practice indoors at one of the Athletica centres.
  • OSI E-sport
    OSI E-sport want to create an environment for all students interested in gaming at any level, platform and for any reason.
  • OSI Fencing
    OSI Fencing is Norway's first fencing club and caters to athletes of all levels, from beginners to members of the national team.
  • OSI Floorball
    OSI Floorball trains several times every week both with the girls- and boys teams. The group is very including and makes sure there is a great social environment.
  • OSI Football
    OSI Football has both futsal and football teams, for both boys and girls. It is a big group with teams on every level. Tryout at any time to see which team you should join.
  • OSI Group Dance
    OSI Group Dance is a part of the Oslo students sports Club which is the bigggest student sports Club in Oslo and the oldest in Norway.
  • OSI Handball
    OSI Handball has several teams both for girls and boys, the teams are on different levels and play in different divisions. OSI Handball is known for their including environment.
  • OSI Judo
    OSI Judo practice at Domus Athletica several times a week. Judo is a martial art rich in traditions. In judo we practice coordination and body control.
  • OSI Jujutsu
    OSI jujutsu practice at Domus Athletica. The focus of the training is on body control and technique. The group caters to both beginners and advanced practitioners.
  • OSI Karate
    OSI Karate exercise this classic martial art that we all know. The group has close connections with other karate clubs, which means that as a member you will be a part of a large network.
  • OSI kendo
    OSI Kendo arranges courses for beginner, however many of the groups members compete at a high level and even represent Norway internationally on the national team.
  • OSI Kung Fu
    OSI Kung Fu practice several styles of the sport and welcomes both experienced martial artists and beginners.
  • OSI Orienteering
    OSI Orienteering is a super social group which mainly train in the woods around Oslo. They also organize a map committee which produce and sell maps over nature hikes and trips in the Oslo area.
  • OSI Outdoor
    OSI Outdoor is a part of the Oslo students sports Club which is the largest student sports Club in Oslo and the oldest in Norway.
  • OSI Quidditch
    OSI Quidditch is Oslo's student quidditch team, and one of the best in Norway! We practice 2-3 times a week, and participate in national and international tournaments. Open for all students in Oslo!
  • OSI River Kayaking
    OSI river kayaking does most of their training in an inside pool in the winter season. The rest of the year however, the group tours Norway and other countries.
  • OSI Rowing
    OSI Rowing is a sports group where both women and men are welcome to join - both beginners and experts. The group arranges several social events every year.
  • OSI Scuba diving
    OSI Scuba diving accepts both beginners and more advanced scuba divers. The group holds courses and travels along the coast of Norway and other countries to reveal the secrets of the water.
  • OSI Ski and Snowboard
    OSI Ski and Snowboard meet regularly both in the slopes and for indoor training. The group also takes trips to other locations domestically and internationally to find the best slopes.
  • OSI Squash
    OSI Squash arranges trainings and tournaments weekly, mainly at Domus Athletica.
  • OSI Swimming
    OSI Swimming practice at Domus Athletica and entertain swimmers at all levels
  • OSI Taekwondo
    OSI Taekwondo is a social group who also focuses on the sport. Taekwondo is one of the largest sports in the world which gives the group the possibility to connect with like minded around the world.
  • OSI Tennis
    OSI Tennis is open for all students in Oslo who wishes to play tennis and be social. Our goal is to be the biggest and cheapest student tennis club in Norway.
  • OSI Ultimate Frisbee
    OSI Ultimate Frisbee practice both inside and outside, depending on the season. The group has a great social environment and includes both advanced athletes and beginners.
  • OSI Volleyball
    OSI Volleyball is one of OSI's largest groups and have teams on different levels both for men and women, plus a large mixed-group with beginners. The group arranges several social events every year.
  • Oslo CTF
    A noob-friendly group for cyber security enthusiasts focusing on learning through workshops and CTF. CTF is short for Capture The Flag, which is a category of competitions in ethical hacking.
  • Oslo Go club
    The term "Go", refers to the board game "Go", which the club revolves around.
  • Oslo Medical Girls' Choir
    Choir for female students studying either at the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry at UiO
  • Oslo Student Association for Sewing
    We promote sewing interest among students with focus on sustainability. We organize social, cultural and environmentally conscious activities for members and others who might be interested.
  • Oslo Student Christian Movement
    Oslo Student Christian Movement is a theologically liberal/open student fellowship, working for peace, justice and equality.
  • Oslo Students' Billiards Union
    This students' union is a place for all students in Oslo who have an interest in the billiard games, whatever level, and who wants a social environment with like minded people.
  • Oslo Students' Craft Brewing Guild
    We are here to be the best student brewers around. We focus on the intricate knowledge of brewing and related disciplines and teaching each other about these subjects.
  • Oslo student sports club
    The Oslo Students' Sports Club (OSI)
  • Oslo Surgical Society (OCS)
    Oslo Surgical Society is an association for medical students at UiO. We want to increase students' interest in surgery by letting them learn simple surgical skills under thorough and safe guidance.
    The association publishes an art historical student journal at the University of Oslo.
  • Peace and Conflict Studies Student Council
    Student Council at the MA programme Peace and Conflict Studies (Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Pedagogic Profile
    Student journal at the Faculty of Educational Science. We cover educational issues in more and less scientific ways.
  • Pharmaceutical Innovation Student Association
    The purpose of the Pharmaceutical Innovation Student Association is to promote innovation among pharmacy students.
  • Pharmaceutical student's sport association
    Pharmaceutical student's sport association
  • Pharmacist Without Borders, Student group Oslo
    The name reflects that the organization mainly consists of pharmacist with the mission to provide humanitarian help without being limited by a geographical location.
  • Philosophical supplement
    Filosofisk supplement is a journal associated with the Programme for Philosophy at UiO. Our aims are to provide for dissemination of philosophy and to contribute to philosophical discussion.
  • PK studentassociation
    Improve the study environment and the social environment at Domus Medica at the Faculty of Medicine at UiO.
  • Portal Space
    Our aim is to promote Norweigian space activity and innovation by giving students the opportunity to develop space technology.
  • Program Committee for psychology - year program, bachelor and master
    The program committee looks after the psychology students 'interests in terms of the programs' academic content, structure and implementation at the department's management.
  • Psychology Students Without Borders Oslo
    Psychology Students Without Borders (PUG) aims to enhance psychology students' cultural competence, and highlight how psychology can contribute in the face of social challenges.
  • Radio Nova
    The Student Radio in Oslo, produce content for students in and around Oslo, contributing to give advice and entertainment during their time as students.
  • Realistforeningen
    Student society for mathematics and natural science students.
  • Rethinking Economics Blindern
    A local chapter of Rethining Economics Norway, which is a partner in the global organization Rethining Economics.
  • RF-Regi
    Student association for everyone interested in DJ-ing or rigging and managing concerts, dance floors, school plays and everything else that involves audio, lighting and stage.
  • Safer Youth UIO
    Safer Youth is a progressive organization focused on reforming the current drug policy. We are a political independent .
  • SAIH Blindern
    SAIH (Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund) is a politically independent solidarity and aid organization at Norwegian universities and colleges.
  • Samfunnsvitenskapelig Fakultetsforening (SVFF)
    Student Society of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Samfunnsviterne UiO
    Samfunnsviterne UiO is the student group for the labor union Samfunnsviterne, the union for all workers educated within the broader fields of social science and humanities.
  • Sangvinerne
    Male voice choir at The Faculty of Medicine
  • Save the Children Blindern
    We are a student organization working to create knowledge about and work together with Save the Children Norway. We work with campains to make changes in the politics, and we also have social events.
  • Schola Cantorum
    A choir primarily for music students.
  • SIFI - Student association for Information security at IFI
    Social association for the information security master program at IFI
  • Småbruket
    Småbruket is a student cabin owned by Blindern Studenterhjem located in Eiksmarka (Bærum). The cabin is available to rent for all who want a local cabin trip in the Oslo area.
  • Socius
    Magazine for sociology students
  • SOS Children's Villages UiO
    Humanitarian association for all students in Oslo who works with the aim to ensure that all children get a safe upbringing. This will be done through activities that support SOS Children's Villages.
  • Sosialantropologisk Programutvalg
    Students association at the Department of Social Anthropology.
  • Speilvendt
    Speilvendt is a student magazine from the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo.
  • SPE Oslo Student Chapter
    SPE SC is an organization for students who are interested petroleum. We have meetings where you can network with working professionals and students from other universities in Norway and international.
  • Start Oslo
    Start, as in START your own business! We are a student organization for everyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Startskuddet
    Startskuddet hosts the annual Career day at the Department of Psychology, UiO
  • Statsvitenskapelig Trivsel og Velferd (STV)
    Statsvitenskapelig Trivsel og Velferd (STV) organizes social activities for students at master's level in the Department of Political Science.
  • Steinbiten aquaclub
    Aquarium Society for all interested at the Department of Biosciences.
  • STRYK Orchestra of Students
    Studentorchestra for people that play violin, viola, cello or bass on a hobby basis. Our members are amature string players below the age of 30.
  • Student Association at the Institute of Musicology
    This is the Student Association for the institute of Musicology
  • Student Association Byråkratene
    Student association of The Public Administration and Management Study Program.
  • Student Association for Electronics
    We are an organisation for students at the Electronics and Computer Technology program, but also for students interested in electronics.
  • Student Association for Human Geography
    The purpouse of the organisation is to create, secure and maintain the academic and social environment at the Human Geography program here at the University of Oslo.
  • Student Association for Medical Innovation
    SMI UiOs mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students currently enrolled in courses related to medicine and health at the University of Oslo.
  • Student Association for Pedagogy - Émile
    The student association Émile is for you who are studying pedagogy at UiO.
  • Student association for students of International Studies
    We are the association of students at the International Studies Program at the University of Oslo
  • Student Chess at the University of Oslo
    Association for all students in Oslo who are interested in chess.
  • Student committee for ancient culture and classical languages
    The Student committee for ancient culture and classical languages is a student-run organisation, working to protect the interests of students following courses on classical languages and culture.
  • Student council, Public administration and leadership
    The council is responsible to maintain the academic interests of the students on "public administration and leadership" and is the link between the students and the faculty leaders.
  • Student council at MN
    Student council for Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • Student Council at the Department of Education
    The Student Council at the Department of Education.
  • Student Council at the Department of Mathematics
    Student representatives at the Department of Mathematics.
  • Student Council at the Department of Political Science
    Student Council, Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo.
  • Student Council at the Institute of Economics
    The student council at the department of economics.
  • Student council for law students
    Promoting the intereserts of the students at the faculty og law.
  • Student Council for Middle East Studies
    Our main task is to protect the interests of the students in the program of Middle East Studies, as well to arrange social and academic-related events and activities for the students.
  • Student Council of Chemistry
    The Student Council of Chemistry represents students at the Department of Chemistry.
  • Student Council of Criminology
    The purpose of the Student Council of Criminology is to create a unity for criminology students through academic debates, lectures, and multiple various social events.
  • Student Council of Informatics
    Student representatives at the Department of Informatics.
  • Student council of Nutrition
    The EFU consists of a leader in addition to 2 representatives from each class, and its purpose is to contribute to social and academic input for the students.
  • Student Council of Philosophy
    The Student Council of Philosophy is the formal representational organ for students of philosophy, as well as an agent for a good social and academic milieu among the students of philosophy.
  • Student Council of Physics
    The Student Council of Physics represents students at the Department of Physics.
  • Studenternes Sjøfartsselskab
    The purpose of Studenternes Sjøfarts Selskab is to arrange sea voyages for its member.
  • Student Initiated Education in Medicine
    Peer assisted learning at the Medical Faculty, University of Oslo
  • Students' Feminist Association
    The purpose of the association is to promote interest in feminism and gender research through social and cultural activities for members of the association and others interested in gender research.
  • Students' Initiative on Foreign Affairs (SIFA)
    SIFA is an association for students interested in international relations. The association aims to establish a forum where students can discuss relevant topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Students' Photoclub
    Students' Photography Club aims to bring together and create contact between photo-interested students and increase their knowledge of photography.
  • Students Association for Psychedelic Science
    Student society connected to the Norsk Forening for Psykedelisk Vitenskap and focused on the scientific investigation of the properties of psychedelic drugs and their possible therapeutic effects.
  • Students for Nuclear Power
    Students for Nuclear Power’s objective is to change the negative reputation of nuclear power, as well as presenting it as a realistic solution to cope with the challenges of climate change.
  • Students for Palestine
    Students for Palestine’s purpose is to promote the Palestinian population’s interests among students, as well as arrange social and cultural activities for members and other students.
  • Student Society of the Sick Horses
    A society whose main objective is to spread its world view to all peoples as clearly as humanly and equinely possible.
  • Student Support Oslo
    Student Supporter is a fellow student who is friendly, has good listening skills and shows empathy.
  • Students Without Borders
    Students Without Borders is an student-driven organization at UiO, relying on mutual cooperation with Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
  • Syrian Student Association
    -Making an Arabic Language Cafe and get students to know with the Arab culture -build bridges between the Syrian and Norwegian people -let Arab students know higher education in Norway
  • Tabula
    Tabula's goal is to further cooperation, joy of writing and socializing for the students at the Institute of Archeology, Conservation and History at UiO.
  • Tannlegerevyen
    An annual revue made by dental students.
  • Tappetårnet
    Tappetårnet is responsible for the volunteer barkeeping at Chateau Neuf, inclusive BokCaféen which is open all weekdays.
  • Teacher student´s program council
    We work for the welfare of the students and their rights, and also to improve the course and organisational parts of the pedagogy courses.
  • Teater Neuf
    The student theatre of Oslo
  • Teater Neuf International
    Teater Neuf International (branch of Teater Neuf) is a community engaging with English language theatre for students and others. It holds 2 shows yearly, in the winter and spring.
  • Teknovatoren
    To make the TIK-centre a more visible actor at the University and in other relevant forums.
  • Terra
    A group coordinating social activities for students at the Department of Human Geography.
  • The Chamber of Lecturers
    The association is for current and former science lecturer students at UiO. Create a social platform across academic years and an arena for physical activity for members across several levels.
  • The Conservatives
    We The Conservatives are fighting for more freedom for students and a greener university.
  • The Department of Media
    We are among several committees that help to run the Norwegian Student Society at Chateau Neuf. We're working with PR, marketing, design, film, text, photography, social media and IT.
  • The Faculty of Humanities' Student Committee
    The Faculty of Humanities' Student Committee's purpose is to front the students and maintain good communication between the students and the faculty's leadership.
  • The Japanese Studies Student Association
    We are a socio-academic organ at Japanese at UiO. We ensure the students a voice at IKOS, and arrange and pass on socio-academic events, and cooperate with other study-associations there.
  • The Labour List
    The labour list's purpose is to front our member's causes to the University of Oslo, other organizations and national government.
  • The Medical Student Sport Society
    The Medical Student Sport Society is an open and diverse society that offers the students attending the Faculty of Medicine the possibility to come together and do organized and recreational sports.
  • The National Trust of Norway, student department in Oslo.
    This is the student department in Oslo of the organization "The National Trust of Norway".
  • The Norwegian Association of Physics Students
    The Norwegian Association of Physics Students is an organization consisting of Physics students from all over Norway, and this is the part of the organization that belongs to UIO
  • The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
    The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
  • The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America
    The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (LAG) is an independent solidarity organization.
  • The Norwegian Student Choral Society
    The University of Oslo's official male voices choir
  • The Norwegian Student Society
    The Norwegian Students' Society (DNS) runs the student house Chateau Neuf.
  • The Oslo Student Society of Emergency Medicine
    We are students who are interested in emergency medicine and we wish to increase interest for this through social and academic means.
  • The Oslostudents Radioclub
    To promote the amateur radio hobby for everyone interested.
  • The Social Scientist
    Student paper at the Faculty of Social Sciences, but open for anyone who would like to join. We publish twice per semester, with 4 regular sections: Topic, Opinions, Society, and Culture.
  • The Student cabin
    The Student cabin is a cabin nearby Blankvann i Nordmarka, north of Oslo. The cabin shall be an attractive offer for students and OSI-members. OSI owns the cabin.
  • The student council at the Department of Special Needs Education (FU ISP)
    The student councils at the institute level (FU ISP) is the grassroot level of the student democracy, who work to improve the educational and social quality for all students at ISP.
  • The student council of Art History
    The Student Council of Art History at the University of Oslo.
  • The Student Counsel at the Faculty of Educational Sciences
    The Student Counsel at Faculty of Educational Sciences (SUUV) is the highest student board at the faculty. It is the connecting link between the students and the Faculty of Educational Sciences.
  • The Student Society at Health Management and Health Economics
    Student society at the Health Economics and Health Management Programme
  • The Teacher Education Programme Student Association
    Networking and social association for the teacher students at The Teacher Education Programme at UiO.
  • The Women's Choral Society of The University of Oslo
    The official female choir of the University of Oslo, founded in 1895.
  • ToastJærn
    We will gather students around something as simple and good as toast.
  • trass!
    We are a feminist student journal who want to promote postcolonial perspectives and interdiciplinary cooperation.
  • Tripartita - Linjeforeningen for Filosofi, politikk og økonomi (FPØ)
    Tripartita's aim is to promote unity amogst the students studying "Philosophy, politics and economics" at the University of Oslo.
  • Trip - psychological travel group
    Trip-Psychological Travel Group’s purpose is to expand the horizon of PSI's students in both a curricular and extracurricular sense, and to provide insight into other countries' approach to psychology
  • Tvergastein
    Tvergastein is the first interdisciplinary academic journal at the University of Oslo focused on the environment and sustainable development.
  • UiO Disc Golf - DUKK
    DUKK is a student association at the University of Oslo who wishes to organize and convey the pleasure of the sport Disc Golf to students - regardless of skill level.
  • UiO Gaming
    UiO Gaming is a student organisation that aims to create an inclusive environment around gaming and e-sports for the students at UiO.
  • UiO Rooftop Initiative
    We work to create green roofs at the University of Oslo to contribute to organic food production, knowledge of the local environment, open meeting spaces, and reduce the roofs' warming effects.
  • UiO Smash Bros.
    UiO Smash Bros.'s purpose is to cultivate the scene of the popular fighting game series Super Smash Bros. at UiO through tournaments and other social events.
  • UKA at Blindern
    UKA på Blindern is a student festival with a lot to offer; conserts, revue, lectures and stand-up - all with student friendly prices. As a student festival,UKA på Blindern tries reaching SiO students.
  • Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
    The accessability of important medicines and public health technologies in poor nations is profoundly affected by the research, patenting and licensing decisions made by universities and governments.
  • Universum Panton
    This club exists to establish a place where people who are fascinated with the starry sky can observe it in detail and learn a bit of astronomy!
  • UN Student Association Oslo
    The UN Students works with spreading information and engage and create debate on UN related issues and other social concerns.
  • Ursi Canentes
    We are a mixed choir, and we sing most things, from drinking songs to pop songs to songs from games and movies.
  • UV-Revyen
    To sing, dance, play, put on a show and HAVE SOME FUN!
  • Veneficus Magazine
    Veneficus Magazine is a sub-organisation of the student organisation Veneficus at the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo.
  • Veneficus Students' Society
    Veneficus Students' Society is the pharmacy students' association at School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo. The word "veneficus" means poisonous in latin
  • Vietnamese Student Association in Oslo
    Vietnamese Student Association in Oslo
  • VIFI
    VIFI is a volleyball society for students at Institutt for Informatikk that aims to improve the student environment.
    To work for promotion of pharmacy and it's community by creating a common social platform for men on the pharmacy study which is in minority
  • VOPSI - Volleyball PSI
    VOPSI plays volleyball once a week, and seeks to create a social arena for students at the Institute of Psychology at UiO.
  • Wine and World Problems
    Social society at UiO, where the main theme is social medicine.
  • YGlobal Student Oslo
    Our purpose is to increase and spread knowledge about, and create debate about YGlobal's focus areas gender justice, economic justice, climate justice and just peace.
  • Yo mama theatre group
    Norwegian speaking theatre group.
  • Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Oslo
    The Association's name is Youth Atlantic Treaty Association Oslo, daily YATA Oslo. The Association is governed by YATA Norwegian National Board and the Norwegian Atlantic Committee (DNAK).
  • Zoon Politikon
    Zoon Politikon is an independent student magazine published by the Department of Political Science ay UiO. Zoon Politikon enlighten important issues regarding the institute, Norway and the world.
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