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The course deals with chemical and physical phenomena that are important within heterogeneous catalysis. Among these are adsorption on and desorption from solids, the chemical kinetics of surface reactions, and chemical equilibrium. The pore structure and surface properties of solid catalysts, their catalytic activity and selectivity, and instrumentation and methods for characterization of catalytic systems will be described. Important industrial processes for the exploitation of natural gas will be described and used as examples. The course is well suited for master students with interests directly related to catalysis and ph.d. candidates working within related areas.

Learning outcome

After having completed the course, the candidate will be able to:

  • Have knowledge about the fundamental principles and experimental techniques used to study the five steps in a heterogeneously catalyzed reaction.
  • Give a quantitative description of adsorption/desorption and the kinetics of catalytic reactions on a surface.
  • Describe how quantum chemistry, statistical thermodynamics, and transition state theory are combined to calculate the rate of surface reactions.
  • Account for how the catalytic activity and selectivity is influenced by the physical and electronic surface properties of the catalyst.
  • Account for the physical and/or chemical phenomena behind important techniques for the characterization of catalysts and catalytic reactions and the information offered by these techniques.


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Overlapping courses

The course has 9 ECTS credit overlap with KJ 430.


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Oral examination.

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The teaching will be cancelled if less than 3 students have registered for the course by the closing date for course registration in January/August.

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Spring 2018

Spring 2016

Teaching may be cancelled if less than 5 students apply.


Spring 2018

Spring 2016

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Norwegian (English on request)

English if requested by international students, otherwise Norwegian.