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Lucy Smiths hus

Address: Problemveien 7


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Getting to Lucy Smiths hus

In the building


  • Parking: Four disabled parking spaces. 
  • Entrance: The main entrance from campus is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Lifts: Three lifts. Measurements: 150 x 170 cm. Door width: 87 cm. A cheelchair can turn around inside the lift. 
  • Doors: Some doors may be heavy to open. 
  • Toilets: Two accessible toilets, one in the basement and one on the tenth floor. 
  • Rest rooms: None. 


Built in:
1960 - 64

Problemveien 7, 0316 Oslo

Gross area:
8.940 m²

Operations area:
Upper Blindern

Building number:


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