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Svein Rosselands hus

Address: Sem Sælands vei 13


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Getting to Svein Rosselands hus

In the building


  • Parking: Disabled parking spaces by Fysikkbygningen in Sem Sælands vei.
  • Entryway: Two entrances. Both entrances have stairs and are not wheelchair accessible. The main entrance is facing eastward, towards Sem Sælands vei. The western side entrance leads directly to the second floor.
  • Lifts: One lift runs between the basement and the second floor.
  • Doors: Some doors may be heavy to open and may have high thresholds.
  • Toilets: One accessible toilet on the second floor.
  • Lecture rooms: No induction loops
  • Rest rooms: None


Built in:

Sem Sælands vei 13

Gross area:
2.292 m²

Operations area:
Lower Blindern

Building number:



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