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Safety inspection procedure


To ensure that all university units perform safety inspections regularly and in a predictable manner.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all safety zones at the University.


Managers are responsible for performing safety inspections and documenting that any post-inspection actions are implemented.


Safety inspections will consist of a preliminary meeting, an inspection and a final meeting. Safety inspections will be carried out annually. Managers must take the advice of safety representatives for planning, implementation and follow-up.


  • Managers shall set the date for safety inspections and invite the safety representative.
  • Managers shall invite other relevant personnel when needed. This can be a representative of the Technical Department and/or the Occupational Health Unit.
  • Managers shall determine whether safety inspections should include the student teaching facilities, and if so, should invite the student representative from the LWEC.
  • Managers shall inform staff when safety inspections are to be conducted.


  • Preliminary meeting: The manager, safety representative and any other participants shall attend preparatory meetings. The managers shall review the status of actions taken after previous safety inspections, and determine the main focus of this year's safety inspection along with other meeting participants.
  • Inspection: The manager, safety representative and any other participants will carry out an inspection of the premises and talk to staff. Checklist and action plan for safety inspections (Norwegian, Word) can be used.
  • Final meeting: The manager, safety representative and any other participants shall attend the final meeting. The manager shall summarise the findings of safety inspections and complete the checklist and action plan after input from meeting participants.


  • The manager shall inform the staff of actions to be taken.
  • The manager must ensure that action plans are implemented.


The manager shall send the safety inspection checklist and action plan to LWEC and the unit board.


Archiving of HSE documents (Norwegian).


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