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Information channels

Responsibility for information

Information is a line management and leader responsibility. Your manager is responsible for arranging the internal flow of information where you work. The manager is also responsible for external information and dissemination with respect to the unit’s field of expertise.


Search for employees

You can search for all employees in the person search field on the UiO website.


Publications and online newspapers

The four most important institution-wide publications at UiO are:

UiO’s internal newspaper is web paper ( (Norwegian) and publishes articles as they appear.. The editors are administratively linked to the Communications Department, although the newspaper is edited according to the Editor Decree and the 'Be Careful' Decree.

UiO’s popular science research publication and has as its target group university employees, students and external readers. The paper edition appears four times a year; the web edition ( (Norwegian) is regularly updated.

The students publish the weekly newspaper Universitas, which is available free of charge at newspaper stands on the campus. Universitas also has a web edition ( (Norwegian).
Our rector team is made up of industrious and popular bloggers. Keep up-to-date with what the top university leadership is concerned with by following the Rector Blog (only partially in English)!


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