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Employment conditions

Career development

Competence promotion and career development

Employee benefits

Training during work hours, kindergarten, cabin rent, cultural events


Health, safety and the environment


Insurances pertaining to UiO employees

International staff & guests

Useful practical information relevant to your stay at UiO

Joining and leaving UiO

New employee, senior, pensioner, emeritus, termination of employment

One-to-one work dialogue

Preparations, content and follow-up of one-to-one work dialogues

Salary and payments

Salary, reimbursement and other payments

Sideline jobs and owner interests

Check if you hold sideline jobs or owner interests that must be notified.

Trade unions

Co-determination at your work place: trade unions and safety representatives


Preparations, booking, during travel, travel expenses claim, stays abroad

Working hours and absence

Working hours, work duty account, holidays, leave of absence, illness

Work results

Rights to and accessibility of work results

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