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Rights and obligations

The rights and duties connected with the development of skills, knowledge and expertise are regulated in the Working Environment Act, the General Agreement for Civil Servants (Hovedavtalen) and its Adaption Agreement at UiO (Tilpasningsavtalen ved UiO), and the Personnel Handbook for State Employees (Statens personalhåndbok).

Development of competencies is important!

  • It gives each employee a chance to perform given work tasks in an effective and better way.
  • It prepares employees for mastering reorganization.
  • It makes the individual employee more competitive regarding internal advancement.

Rights to further education

 As an employee at UiO you have:

  • the right to develop your competencies relevant for your position
  • the right to attend courses during working hours
  • the right to leave with pay if you take a course (internal or external) that takes place during working hours
  • the right to apply to participate in any course that is arranged by UiO
  • the right to apply for financial support for further education

The employee’s responsibility

Each individual has a responsibility to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that are required to satisfactorily perform their assigned work assignments.

The employer’s responsibility

The employer is responsible for ensuring that its employees receive training and further development relevant for their position. The development of personnel is an important part of the University’s personnel policy. Management is responsible for following this up and for ensuring that this happens within the given framework.

The one-to-one work dialogue provides a good starting point for planing and developing competence. Here courses and other competence enhancing initiatives may be discussed and incorporated in a follow-up plan.

Course certificates and follow up

  • Courses of a longer duration usually award course certificates. The length and content of the course will be decisive in this, and whether it is fits appropriately into a CV.
  • A final evaluation is made of internal seminars and courses, consisting either of written or oral assessments. The evaluation will be made use of in the planning of new courses.
  • Follow-up days are included in a number of courses, but independantly of this it is recommended that participants maintain contact at their own initiative. This supports development and is an important element in network building.
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