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Mail and Courier Services

The University's Mail Services Centre is open Monday – Friday 07.30 – 15.00.

Postal delivery and collection of ordinary mail and internal mail: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 09.00.

Stamping and sending mail: Tuesdays and Thursdays

You can also collect and deliver mail at the University's Mail Services Centre in the basement of Kristian Ottosens hus, Problemveien 9. Entry from the parking lot between Kristian Ottosens hus and Villa Eika.

Postage – domestic and international

Outgoing mail

All outgoing mail has to be stamped at the Mail Services Centre. The standard envelope label "p.p./porto betalt" ("postage paid") does not mean that the postage has been prepaid.

Correct labelling

  • Mark all dispatches with the sender’s department and name.
  • We recommend that you contact the Mail Services Centre when you need printed envelopes.
  • Order envelopes with UiO logo at the Graphic center.

When is the mail delivered?

  • The official postal service delivers mail to UiO every morning. The Mail Services Centre sorts the mail before they dispatch it to the units.
  • UiO has approximately 200 post box addresses at Blindern, as well as a few other locations in Oslo. The post is delivered to the units or the archives, for the units who pertain to those.

Dispatch from 09.00

  • Four post circuits by car and one manual route in Lucy Smiths hus.


  • The circuits include Blindern, Gaustad, Forskningsparken, Tøyen, Økern, Geitmyrsveien, Ullevål University Hospital, Bygdøy, the city centre, University Hospital Rikshospitalet, as well as other university locations.
  • 120 delivery points by car.


Delivery time

  • Domestic: 2–3 business days
  • Europe: 3–7 business days
  • Global: 5–9 business days

Customs declaration

All letters containing more than one standard letter must be cleared through customs.

All consignments under 2 kilos containing more than a regular letter or postcard (for instance gifts, goods, clothing, books or other items) must be cleared through customs. A customs declaration (pdf) must accompany the consignment. Please use the guidance form (pdf) to see which fields you are required to fill out. 

  • Please fill out the form (pdf)
  • Specify the correct content of the consignment, quantity, net weight, value and country of origin of goods
  • The value cannot be 0 NOK
  • Please write your personal e-mail address at the top of the form
  • Remember to write both your and the recipient's name and address on the package itself

This customs declaration is only used for letters.

Please do not stick the customs form on the package. The information is only used to create a digital customs declaration.


  • Maximum weight of letters: 2 kilos.
  • Sending letters that are heavier than 1 kilo is expensive. Parcel post ( is a more favourable option.
  • Delivery time for parcel post by the official mail services: 1–4 days.

Volume discount

You can get a volume discount when you send 200 letters or more of the same format and weight. Please contact the Mail Services Unit to arrange a large dispatch.

Courier services

  • The Mail Services Centre carries out courier services for the units at UiO.
  • The services depend on capacity. The units can use an external courier service if the capacity is full.
  • UiO has general agreements with courier services for domestic and international deliveries. The cost will be assigned to your unit. Find the general agreements (in Norwegian – use your UiO login ID).

Gas and chemicals deliveries

  • The Mail Services Centre will not handle gas and chemicals.
  • Units who order gas and chemicals are responsible for receiving these deliveries.

Ordering nitrogen

  • Email your order to the Mail Services Centre at least two days before the order needs to be completed. State the contact person’s name and mobile number.
  • Relokator moving company will pick up empty containers and return full containers.
  • The order is completed in one turn: The containers are filled when Relokator delivers them to the central storage unit, which means Relokator can return them immediately.

Express parcels


  • 'Bedriftspakke Ekspress' – Business parcel express – overnight is the fastest domestic shipping in Norway.
  • Mondays – Thursdays only
  • Delivered to businesses only. Use the street address, not postbox address.
  • Private individuals collects the parcel at the post office.
  • Maximum weight: 25 kg
  • Traceable and insured for 10 000 NOK
  • Damaged or lost parcels: Please contact the Mail Services Centre to get a dispatch noted called "Adressekort 1".


Parcel post – domestic and international

Parcels require digital dispatch notes. The Mail Services Centre can fill out the note and mail it to you.

Send a parcel

  • E-mail the Mail Services Centre and state the recipient’s name, address and telephone number, name of the sender (unit) and a reference person at the unit.  
  • The Mail Services Centre will send you the dispatch note via the internal mail. You will receive the dispatch note on the same day if The Mail Services Centre receives your e-mail before 08.00.
  • Put the dispatch note on the parcel. The parcel is now ready.
  • You will find a tracking number on the dispatch note. You can use this to track the parcel at 
  • Domestic parcels require a pro forma invoice (pdf).
  • The entire form needs to be completed to make sure the parcel is not stopped in customs.
  • In the postbox field, state 'Blindern', not the street address.

Registered mail


Some countries do not have a system for registered mail. We recommend that you send the letter or parcel as regular parcel post. This provides faster delivery, tracking and it is more affordable. If you still want to use registered post, follow the procedure for domestic mail.

All registered mail under 2 kilos containing more than a regular letter or postcard (for instance gifts, goods, clothing, books or other items) must also include a detailed digital customs declaration (pdf).

To fill out the customs declaration, follow the procedure as described under Letter: Customs declaration.


Sending registered mail

You can either hand in the letter or parcel in person at the Mail Services Centre or put it in your unit’s pigeonhole for outgoing mail. If you deliver it in person, please fill out and include this form (doc).

  • The Mail Services Centre will register the dispatch digitally.
  • You will receive the tracking number via e-mail or mobile.
  • The Mail Services Centre will hand in the mail at the post office.
  • The Post’s insurance will be valid once the post office has registered the mail.

Receiving registered mail

Post with a personal recipient has to be collected by the said person at the post office. Find the nearest post office at

University Center for Information Technology (USIT): Separate procedure for parcels


Dell and HP offer returns, which means that messengers from Dell and HP pick up returns at USIT. You will find two return boxes at UiO’s center for IT support.

Outbound parcels

Express parcels

UiO’s procedures for express parcels

Please check the contract catalogue for information on which vendor to use, or contact procurement at USIT.

UiO’s client numbers:

  • Import: 960535558
  • Export: 240044873

Please have the recipient’s post address, reference name and mobile number at hand as well as:

  • Location number ('Stedkode'): 350120
  • Enterprise number ('Tiltakskode'): 971000

The order is registered in the procurement system, which generates a reference number ('E number'). Use this as shipper’s reference. If the content is valuable, please lock the parcel in safely before it is picked up by the delivery service.

The storage facility

  • Please label large items and have the on duty clerk lock it in safely.
  • The clerk registers inbound and outbound items in the binder.
  • If you unpack items at the facility, please dispose of all the packaging in the container.
  • The on duty clerk can ask for ID.
  • The storage facility has limited access.
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