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Parking for employees

Employees need a parking sticker marked A to park at UiO's parking spaces. The sticker is valued for two years.

Who can get an A parking sticker?

  • The parking stickers marked A are for employees of the University of Oslo and SiO (the student welfare organisation) and are valid for two years. All persons who receive salary from the University are defined as employees. Also part-time teachers are entitled to the A parking sticker. This ensures fair and equal treatment of all employees.
  • Emeriti who remain active at the University receive a parking permit on equal terms as employees.
  • University employees have to fill in an online parking form to receive a parking sticker.
  • Vehicles carrying the A-sticker may park in spaces marked A.

Order a parking sticker

Parking for contractors, craftsmen, service companies etc.

Parking for other visitors

  • Parking cards marked B are for external parties visiting a unit or an employee at the University. These parking cards are issued for short visits, for example one or two days. Visitor's parking cards can be issued for one week at most. The cards are issued by the unit receiving the visitor and the duration and location are specified on the card.
  • Cars with B-permits can park in parking spaces marked with A, R and S.
  • Short-term visitors can also park in metered parking spaces.

Parking maps

See parking information for the various areas at UiO

What do the parking signs at UiO mean?

  • A-spaces may be used by cars with A-stickers, R-stickers, E-cards and B-cards.
  • S-spaces may be used by cars with S-stickers, R-stickers, E-cards and B-cards.
  • R-spaces may be used by cars with R-stickers and B-cards.
  • Handicap spaces are marked with a handicap symbol and reserved for cars with a municipal parking permit card for disabled.

All about parking at UiO

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