ESOP presentation template (LaTeX)

This is a beamer template using the the icons for ESOP's specific research areas.

To install, extract the zip folder to the working folder that contains your .tex or LyX file. Using the beamer class, add to the preamble


Where research-area is

welfarestate: The Welfare state
socialorganization: Social Organization
socialmobility:  Income and Social Mobility
development:  Development and Globalization
institutions:  Institutions and Society Models

Read more about ESOP's research areas.

We recommend using titles that are not too long - maximum 1 line main title and two lines subtitle or a main title spanning two lines.

The language specified in document class in your .tex or LyX file will determine whether the Norwegian or English UiO logos will be used.

See example.pdf, example.tex or example.lyx for examples of how to use this template.

If you need any help with this template, feel free to contact

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