Background for the project


Following up the recommendations from the Committee for room for independent action

In 2010, the Committee for room for independent action (Handlingsromsutvalget) in universities and colleges submitted its recommendations to Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland.

The Committee identified a number of important aspects of the way the higher education sector is funded and concluded that the sector needs autonomy through extended budgets with less earmarking.

At the same time, the Committee stressed the importance of the individual institutions themselves taking steps to increase their own internal freedom of action through more efficient management of their resources.
The IHR project is focusing on this part of the Committee’s recommendation.

In line with the academic priorities

The review of our administrative routines must be coordinated with the review of our academic priorities. In this context, the University of Oslo has chosen areas where we excel and areas where we want to shine in the future.

This has been an important and far-reaching project, and now it is natural to undertake a similar review of our administration.

Strategic plan

Objective no. 4 in Strategy 2020 is defined thus “The University of Oslo will administer its aggregate resources proactively so that they help support its core activities”.

Board decision

At a meeting on 22 June 2010, the University Board tasked the University Director with drawing up a plan describing the development and required scale of the administration for the entire University in the course of 2010.

The Board asked that special attention be given to the distribution of tasks between the various organizational levels and greater standardization and specialization of administrative routines and roles.

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