Dette emnet er erstattet av FYS4740 – MR-teori og medisinsk diagnostikk.


Publisert 22. feb. 2016 09:37

The slides for the MRI part of the course are now available as PDF files:

Note that these slides aren't very organized so peruse them at your peril. :-) The SENSE part that isn't in the compendium is included.

Publisert 22. feb. 2016 08:49

The data for the relaxometry part of lab 2 is now available here:


The remaining data will be added to the same directory later today

Publisert 8. feb. 2016 17:21

These times have been set for the two labs:

Tue 09.02.2016 13:00–15:00 (NB!): MRiLab.
Meet up at the lecture room as usual.
Bring a laptop with MatLab and the MRiLab code
(link in other post or here).

Thu 18.02.2016 14:00–16:00: Visit the scanner at Rikshospitalet.
Meet up in the main foyer of Riks.

Publisert 7. feb. 2016 23:13

The Matlab-based simulation tool to be used for the lab exercise can be downloaded from here:


Publisert 5. jan. 2016 08:30

Første forelesning avholdes mandag 18.1 kl 10-12. All undervisning finner sted i rom KV346 i Kjemibygget. Undervisningsplanen for kurset ligger her:


The first lecture will be on Monday January 18. at 10:15 - 12:00. All lectures will be in room KV346 in the Chemistry Building.  The first tentative schedules are found in the link above.