BIOS5912 – Eukaryotic Transcription Factors - Structures, Function, Regulation

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As a general rule, exams at the MN Faculty will during the autumn of 2021 be conducted without physical attendance. For reasons relating to the course content, some courses will have on-campus written examination if the current infection rate makes this possible.

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Course content

The course focuses on current understanding of the structure and function of eukaryotic transcription factors. The aim of the first general part is to give the student an understanding of the main components of the eukaryotic transcription apparatus. Topics covered are: promoters, RNA polymerase II, general transcription factors and coactivators, the role of chromatin structure in transcription, elongation control and the mechanisms of gene activation, as well as nuclear organization. In the second part, specific transcription factors are discussed: homeodomain and POU families, bZIP- and HLH-families, zinc-finger families, the NFkB-family, nuclear receptors, the FOX- and Myb-family, STAT family, p53 and Rb to illustrate the connection between oncogenesis and transcription.

Learning outcome

After completing the course you are expected to have knowlegde about and an overview of the research front in subjects such as:

  • understand central aspects of the complex structure and function of the transcription apparatus which regulates the expression of genes in eucaryotic cells.  
  • understand resent research the field of eukaryotic transcription.

Admission to the course

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BIOS3900 – Biochemistry 2, BIOS4010 – Methods in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry I, BIOS4020 – Methods in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry II  or corresponding knowledge.

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  • Seminars with a 15 minutes presentations of a scientific article for the other students

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  • Final written exam, which counts 100 % towards the finale grade. 

This course has mandatory assignments that must be approved before you can sit the finale exam.

Optional oral exam depending on the number of participants.

It will also be counted as one of the three attempts to sit the exam for this course, if you sit the exam for one of the following courses: MBV4230 – Eukaryotic Transcription Factors - Structures, Function, Regulation (continued), MBV9230 – Eukaryotic Transcription Factors - Structures, Function, Regulation (continued), BIOS9912 – Eukaryotic Transcription Factors - Structures, Function, Regulation

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