Guidelines for the course paper in theory courses at the 2000 level

Guidelines for the course paper in theory courses at the 2000 level

The following regulations are for the course paper in theory courses at the 2000 level:

You must hand in two copies of your course paper to the department within given deadlines. Further information about where exactly to hand in the paper will be given on the page of the course description in the message area.

Your candidate number can either be found on the Studentweb or given to you when you hand in your paper.

The course paper is graded pass/fail (bestått/ikke bestått). The written school exam (6 hours) is graded along the scale of A - F, and this will be the final grade. The course gives only one final grade. The grades will be available three weeks after the last of the two exams has been held. Both the course paper and the school exam must have received the grade pass in the same semester in order to have passed your course.

Term papers which have been passed earlier and not been changed, can be reused on subsequent attempts. On the front of the task should then be the semester it passed.

The theme of your course paper must be chosen from within the topic of the course. The theme, the main question of the paper and the theoretical approach must be approved by the teacher. The paper may in large parts be based on the reading list for this course but this rule is not absolute.

Practical information about the course paper:

  • The paper should count approximately 2000 words +-10%
  • Use 12 point letter size and a spacing of lines 1 1/2.
  • The paper must include a summary on the 10 first lines of the first page.
  • Number each page of the paper.
  • The list of references must conclude with the following sentence: “All sources that are used in this course paper are given here.”
  • Follow the rules on references given at the end of this page.
  • The paper should be stapled with a stapler, do not use paper clip or paper folders.

On the paper’s front page the following information should be given:

  1. Title of the course paper
  2. The name of the course, and the name of the teacher
  3. The date you hand in the paper, and the name of the department 
  4. Your candidate number (you will receive your candidate number when handing in the paper at the reception office)
  5. The number of words in the paper (the title page, the summary, the list of references and other enclosures are not included in the number of words)


Book references:

  • Parriot, D. P. & C. F. Carter. (1972), The Northern Ireland Problem. A Study in Group Relation . 2. ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Journal Article references:

  • Birrell, D. (1972), “Relative Deprivation as a Factor in Northern Ireland.” The Sociological Review, 20: 317–329

Section in a book, edited by another person:

  • Dølvik, J. E. and T. A. Stokke (1998), “Norway: The Revival of Centralized Concertation”, in A. Ferner & R. Hyman: Changing Industrial Relations in Europe (118–145). Oxford: Blackwell Publishers

When you use references in your text you include author, year and page if you quote passages of text, e.g. (Birrell 1972:14). If you refere to ideas that are presented, without quotations, you include author and year in the reference, e.g. (Birrell 1972)

Web references:


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