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Procedure for document control in the HSE-system


The purpose with the procedure for document control in the HSE-system is to ensure that documents are legible and readily indentifiable, published, removed and archived the same way to ensure ase of use and retrieval.

Range of application

This procedure applies to all units at the University.


Managers are responsible that there is an HSE management system and to approve policies and procedures in the HSE management system.


Manager shall ensure that documents in the HSE management system are updated as needed and in consultat with the safety representative in developing the HSE management system. Manager shall ensure that the current document version is available at point of use and that outdated versions are removed. Manager shall ensure that employees who do not understand Norwegian have access to necessary parts of the HSE management system in a language they understand.

Policies and procedures should be made according to the same template. Templant for policy og procedure can be used (Norwegian). Terms and definitions should be the same throughout the HSE management system.

Manager shall ensure that policies and procedures are dated and approved by the manager. When policies and procedures change, the manager shall ensure that they are dated and approved again. Approval prior to publication in Vortex can be used.


Changes to the HSE management system shall be documented and reported to the Working Environment Committee. Manager is responsible for reporting.


HSE documents shall be archived as described in the Archiving of HSE documents (Norwegian).


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  • Date of authorization: 19.05.2017
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