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Discrepancies in the processing of personal data

All employees and students of UiO shall report discrepancies that arise in connection with electronic and manual processing of personal data in research, teaching, administration and communication.

What is a discrepancy?

Discrepancy refers to any unfortunate or problematic way of processing personal data. These discrepancies can mainly occur in two ways:

  • personal data is processed in breach of approved routines or guidelines, for example in connection with case processing
  • there is a breach of information security with the personal data, for example by improper publishing of personal data on the Internet

Any deviation from adopted routines or guidelines or breach of information security shall be reported so that faults and defects (discrepancies) can be corrected.

Examples of measures to correct faults and defects (discrepancies):

  • changing or clarifying any unclear or impractical routines or guidelines
  • better training of case handlers in the use of electronic systems or services
  • replacement of non-user-friendly systems
  • better information to employees or students about routines or guidelines that apply to the processing of personal data

Discrepancies can also be corrected by taking technical measures to better protect personal data against breach of information security.

Discrepancies arising in research, teaching, administration and communication at UiO shall be reported under the current routine for handling discrepancies.

When discrepancies occur, follow this routine:

Routine for handling discrepancies

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