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Data protection officer

What is a data protection officer?

The data protection officer's job is to contribute to UiO safeguarding the privacy interests of the employees, students, guest researchers, guests and respondents or informants in research projects. 

The data protection officer is the point of contact for individuals who have questions about the UiO processing of personal information and about how they can fulfill their rights under the privacy policy.


The data protection officer at UiO is Maren Magnus Voll. The data protection officer can be reached via e-mail:

NB! Do not send sensitive information via e-mail. If you need to send sensitive information, do it by using a secure Nettskjema. A secure Nettskjema ensures that everything you send is encrypted and that it is only the data protection officer who has access to it. 

If you want to encrypt the content yourself, use the data protection officer public PGP key.