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Routines for purchases at IMV

Place order

All purchases at the Department of Musicology should be placed through the online form:

  • Refreshments for meetings, courses and seminars
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Office supplies
  • Flowers for special occasions
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Invoicing of conference fees
  • Courses
  • Travel booking and hotel reservations for non-employees

If your specific need is not covered by the list above, please use the option "Other" in the online form and give a description of what you need. You can also use this option for questions or comments related to the order.

You will always receive a confirmation email stating that your request is registered, and that you will be contacted by one of the departments procurement officers. If you need to meet with the procurement officer you will find Azam Hedayati in office 238.

Purchases with other procedures

  • Travel booking and hotel reservations for employees
  • Books
  • Tuning of piano, grand piano, cembalo and hammerklaver

Information on the procedures for these procurements are found below

Travel booking and hotel for employees


UiO has a framework agreement with Akademika for Norwegian titles. If Akademika has the book in stock you can pick it up in one of Akademikas book stores. There is no framework agreement for international titles.  

When picking up books at Akademika book stores, you will need to state the correct cost allocation code ("tiltakskode"): 

  • Teaching bachelor -  600001

  • Teaching master - 610001

  • Research - your personal cost allocation code (35xxxx, 39xxxx eller 41xxxx)

Department code ("stedkode") for IMV is always143600.

Please contact Målfrid Hoaas if you have questions regarding use of cost allocation codes.

Tuning of piano, grand piano, cembalo and hammerklaver

Please contact Azam Hedayati when tuning is required.


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