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How to use the DFØ app

As from 1 May, you can register working hours and absence directly on your mobile phone using the DFØ app. You can also easily submit travel and subsistence claim forms or apply for reimbursement of expenses.

Download the ‘DFØ self-service’ app

First login

The first time you log into the app is via the ID portal with secure login:

  • MinID
  • BankID
  • BankID on mobile
  • Buypass ID in mobile

Subsequent login

It is possible to log into the DFØ app with a fingerprint if your mobile phone supports this and you have added fingerprints to your phone.

Go to settings in the DFØ app and select ‘Enable fingerprint authentication’. You will be prompted to log in via the ID portal again and must confirm that you want to use fingerprint login.


How to change the language to English in the self-service portal ( (Norwegian)

Using the app

You can do this in the app 

  • ‘Clock’ in and out or register working time/overtime
  • Check time balance
  • Submit absence applications
  • Register hours/activities on projects
  • Change personal details 
  • Register and submit travel and subsistence claim forms
  • Apply for reimbursement of expenses 
  • Correct submitted travel and subsistence claim forms and reimbursement of expenses 
  • Managers: Approve applications for absence, etc.
  • Managers: Register deputy allowance

What you can't do in the DFØ app

There are some things you can only do in the self-service portal:  

  • Find the annual statement 
  • Transfer days of holiday 
  • Transfer or apply for payment of travel time or overtime 
  • Register secondary employment 
  • Set up a deputy 
  • Process assignments as a passive deputy 

Neither app nor self-service portal

There are some things you can’t do in the app or the self-service portal:

Register UiO Eurocard and contact person under My information

Most of the personal information you had entered in the HR portal will be transferred on 1 May. However, you must re-enter the following:

  • Contact person
  • UiO Eurocard if you have this
  • Phone number (check that this has been imported correctly)

If you are a new employee and have children up to 12 years of age, it is particularly important to also register them in order to obtain a sick child quota.

Help and guidelines

Hourly-paid employee?

Do you need training?

Error messages or other issues?

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