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Gjesteforelesninger og seminarer

Kommende 5 dager

06 des.

Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK), University of Oslo, FME NTRANS and INTRANSIT  invite to this seminar chaired by Allan Dahl Andersen, Associate Professor, TIK, UiO. 

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Tid og sted: 6. des. 2022 14:1516:00, Erling Sverdrups plass, Niels Henrik Abels hus, 8th floor
08 des.
Tid og sted: 8. des. 2022 12:0013:15, Origo, Physics building

by prof. Holger von Wenckstern

Department of Physics, UiO

Tid og sted: 8. des. 2022 13:1515:00, Georg Sverdrups hus, Lecture hall 1

The Thoralf Skolem Memorial Lecture 2022

A photograph of Johanne Rickne
Tid og sted: 8. des. 2022 14:1515:30, The Frisch Centre (Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo) and on Zoom

Department seminar. Johanna Rickne is a Professor of Economics at the Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University, and part-time Professor of Economics at Nottingham University. She is also a CEPR Fellow, Wallenberg Academy Fellow, and an affiliated researcher at IZA and at the Stockholm China Economic Research Center. She will present the paper: "The Gender Gap in Meaningful Work: Explanations and Implications".

Tid og sted: 8. des. 2022 14:1516:00, NHA B1120

Flere kommende arrangementer

Tid og sted: 9. des. 2022 14:0015:00, HW536

This week, George Bennett (UCL London) presents the main points from his MA thesis. 

Tid og sted: 9. des. 2022 14:1515:15, Seminar room 3315 Terrarium, Kristine Bonnevies hus

By Craig R. Primmer from the University of Helsinki, Finland

Bilde av Dr. Cat Jarman
Tid og sted: 9. des. 2022 14:1516:00, Blindernveien 11, seminarom 2

Arkeologisk fredagsseminar med Dr. Cat Jarman

Tid og sted: 13. des. 2022 16:1518:00, Zoom (link will be sent through newsletter)

Wona Lee (Universitetet i Oslo)

photo of private jets and yacht
Tid og sted: 13. des. 2022 18:0020:00, Professorboligen

Join us in the Memorial lecture by Richard Wilk, and the following panel discussion on inequality and sustainable consumption in Norway.