Masteroppgaver - Side 7

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Photobiont diversity and symbiotic specificity in the coastal cliff community 22. mars 2018
Animal performance under changing climates – investigating the effects of temperature variability 22. mars 2018
Using genetic markers to infer population history 22. mars 2018
Taxonomic revisions of poorly known groups of insects - your contribution to describing the planet’s unknown biodiversity and recovering the Tree of Life 22. mars 2018
DNA barcoding of insects as a tool for discovering unknown biodiversity, getting insight into speciation processes, phylogeographic analyses and… …much more 22. mars 2018
Ecological niche modeling as a tool for predicting species distribution and evaluating the status of endangered and threatened species 22. mars 2018
Epigenetics and Imprinting in Development and Reproduction 22. mars 2018
Is it “not easy being green?”: species delimitation and species trees in a taxonomically critical group of green parasites. 22. mars 2018
Effekter av forurensing på livshistorietrekk i arktiske spretthaler 22. mars 2018
The ginger genus Pleuranthodium: taxonomy and phylogeny 22. mars 2018
Targeting of FGFR expressing cancer cells and tumor stromal cells by PCI of FGF-saporin 22. mars 2018
Bacterial toxins 22. mars 2018
Bacterial adhesins in host-pathogen interactions 22. mars 2018
Crystal structure determination of the fungal defense protein CCTX2 22. mars 2018
Quantitative proteome analysis of mitochondria during anti-cancer drug-induced apoptosis 22. mars 2018
From brain signals to consciousness 22. mars 2018
Gestational diabetes and DNA-methylation 22. mars 2018
Akvaporiner: fremtidige mål for behandling av hjernesykdommer? 22. mars 2018
Structural biology of genome guarding: Making sure we never loose a chromosome 22. mars 2018
The molecular and cellular basis of B cell cancers in humans 22. mars 2018
A novel mechanism for development of autoimmunity and B cell can 22. mars 2018
Endomembrane signaling in cancer 22. mars 2018
The dynamic nature of the Golgi apparatus in biosynthesis and structure 22. mars 2018
Master projects in the Prydz group 22. mars 2018
Characterization of the intracellular regulation of metalloproteases involved in brain plasticity 22. mars 2018