Masteroppgaver - Side 7

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Bacterial adhesins in host-pathogen interactions 22. mars 2018
Crystal structure determination of the fungal defense protein CCTX2 22. mars 2018
Quantitative proteome analysis of mitochondria during anti-cancer drug-induced apoptosis 22. mars 2018
From brain signals to consciousness 22. mars 2018
Gestational diabetes and DNA-methylation 22. mars 2018
Akvaporiner: fremtidige mål for behandling av hjernesykdommer? 22. mars 2018
Structural biology of genome guarding: Making sure we never loose a chromosome 22. mars 2018
The molecular and cellular basis of B cell cancers in humans 22. mars 2018
A novel mechanism for development of autoimmunity and B cell can 22. mars 2018
Endomembrane signaling in cancer 22. mars 2018
The dynamic nature of the Golgi apparatus in biosynthesis and structure 22. mars 2018
Master projects in the Prydz group 22. mars 2018
Characterization of the intracellular regulation of metalloproteases involved in brain plasticity 22. mars 2018
The biological background for stress-induced depressive states 22. mars 2018
A high resolution functional imaging and molecular genetic analysis of a peptide and calcium mediated signalling pathway in plants 22. mars 2018
Molecular heterogeneity in multifocal prostate cancer 22. mars 2018
Development of novel treatments for drug-resistant Candida infections 22. mars 2018
Interaction of Tec-SH3 domain with the adapter protein TSAd 22. mars 2018
Bacterial toxins 22. mars 2018
Protein glycosylation in a model bacterial system: studies of evolution, structure and function 22. mars 2018
Identification of novel therapies for MLL-rearranged leukemia 22. mars 2018
Exosomes as new markers in risk stratification of pediatric acute leukemia 22. mars 2018
How transcription factors contribute to changes in muscle physiology. 22. mars 2018
In vivo imaging of phenotype change in muscle. 22. mars 2018
Dissecting the molecular basis of severe congenital brain diseases 22. mars 2018