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How warming and ocean acidification alter the effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on the Arctic copepods 13. aug. 2020
Species differences in sensitivity to pollution 25. mai 2020
Effects of pollution on the microbiota in sediment-dwelling organisms 25. mai 2020
Using hemocytes as models for pollution research 25. mai 2020
Who is there? eDNA to look for fish in the inner Oslofjord and Frierfjordland 25. mai 2020
Effect of multiple stressors on coastal copepods – MULTICOP 29. apr. 2020
Consequences of exposure to sublethal imidacloprid doses in a widely distributed collembolan 15. aug. 2019
Toxicity assessment of effluents from a small scale biorefinery process 19. juni 2019
Ensuring the Environmental Sustainability of Production of Primary Aluminium (ESPIAL): The Marine Environment 19. juni 2019
Can microplastics and associated chemical additives cause long-term effects in aquatic organisms? 19. juni 2019
Organochlorine pesticides in mangrove ecosystems in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 3. sep. 2018
Effect of terrestrial and aquatic dissolved organic matter and contaminants in coastal marine invertebrates 31. aug. 2018
Effekter av forurensing på livshistorietrekk i arktiske spretthaler 22. mars 2018