Molekylarbiologi og biokjemi

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Osteosarcoma as part of the most common hereditary cancer syndrome, Lynch Syndrome 10. nov. 2020
Congenital brain malformation caused by mutations in novel disease genes 1. okt. 2020
Using organoids to understand the role of tumour suppressors in colorectal cancer 17. aug. 2020
RNA mediated regulation of reprogramming 13. aug. 2020
Investigating the functions of worm insulins by mass spectrometry imaging 7. aug. 2020
The effect of diet on the composition and evolution of venom 7. aug. 2020
Characterisation and evolution of ant venom 7. aug. 2020
Structure determination of Garvicin KS Biochemistry/Structural biology 7. aug. 2020
Identification of clock and memory genes controlling autophagy in response to cyclic environmental nutritional changes in yeast 7. aug. 2020
Dynamic regulation of autophagy by metabolic circuits in yeast 7. aug. 2020
Targeting DNA repair to increase efficacy of radiotherapy 7. aug. 2020
Epigenetic regulation in cancer 7. aug. 2020
Novel cancer-relevant functions of GCN2 7. aug. 2020
Characterization of novel molecular pathways regulating immune cell migration 3. aug. 2020
Identify and assess mechanisms of genomic amplifications of liposarcoma 30. juli 2020
Developing of a new imaging tool for a single gene locus 6. juli 2020
The molecular basis underlying the loss of intercellular junctions during cancer pathogenesis and its implications for drug resistance 30. juni 2020
Processing pathways in Idiotope-driven T-B cell collaboration 16. juni 2020
The molecular and cellular basis of B cell cancers in humans 24. feb. 2020
Discovering methylhistidines in human proteins 6. feb. 2020
Bioinformatics: Network analysis of the 3D genome 4. feb. 2020
Identification of novel vulnerabilities in cancer cells 28. jan. 2020
Bioinformatics: Model the 3D genome of your favorite organism 21. jan. 2020
CRISPR-Cas gene therapy for monogenic blood disorders 14. jan. 2020
Identification and characterization of novel E3 ubiquitin ligases involved in cell communication and cancer 8. jan. 2020