Molekylarbiologi og biokjemi

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Anatomical constraints on venom and toxin evolution in giant centipedes. 26. aug. 2019
Therapeutic bispecific T-cell engager (BiTEs) antibodies targeting cells presenting gliadin peptides 20. aug. 2019
Identification of novel regulatory dependencies for Giroblastoma 19. aug. 2019
The epigenetic regulation of NFAT transcription factors in exercise 15. aug. 2019
Uncovering the molecular network behind muscle memory. 15. aug. 2019
Busting blood clots 12. aug. 2019
Linking metabolic rewiring and chemoresistance in human pancreatic cancer 12. aug. 2019
Metabolic Rewiring in Human Pancreatic Cancer 12. aug. 2019
Identification of new inhibitors of DNA-damage repair for cancer treatment 12. aug. 2019
Deciphering adaptive immunity using high-throughput genomics and proteomics approaches. 12. aug. 2019
Uncovering the Transcription factor atlas in Sarcomas 8. aug. 2019
Implications of the endosomal pathway in cancer progression 6. aug. 2019
Structural biology: Peptide Deformylase as an Antibacterial Drug Target 6. aug. 2019
Characterization of genes and molecular mechanisms in congenital brain malformations 4. juli 2019
Molecular mechanisms of STAMP function in prostate cancer 4. juli 2019
Molecular mechanisms of stress signaling in cancer – Identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets 3. juli 2019
Using organoids to understand the role of tumour suppressors in colorectal cancer 3. juli 2019
Tracking the genetic evolution of cancer by advanced genomic analysis 3. juli 2019
ALIX in ciliogenesis 16. mai 2019
Structural biology: Flavin-based enzyme activation in bacteria - finding redox partners 21. apr. 2019
Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) signaling pathways in T cells: significance in anti-tumor immune function 5. feb. 2019
Characterize a toxic protein from a bacterium that infects salmon 22. jan. 2019
Identification and characterization of novel E3 ubiquitin ligases involved in cell communication and cancer 8. jan. 2019
Molecular mechanisms of cytokinetic abscission in vivo 24. sep. 2018