Molekylarbiologi og biokjemi

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Exploring the non-coding genome at single-cell resolution 9. nov. 2021
Regulation of chromatin dynamics and gene expression by TOR signaling 13. sep. 2021
Uncovering the molecular network behind muscle memory 10. sep. 2021
Targeting transcriptional addictions in brain tumors  10. sep. 2021
Molecular insight into antibody-antigen interactions 8. sep. 2021
Screening for compounds able to reduce proliferation of glioma cancer cells 8. sep. 2021
The RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain in DNA repair 3. sep. 2021
CRISPR-Cas9 gene therapy for primary immunodeficiency diseases 3. sep. 2021
Screening and characterization of BCAT inhibitors – potential novel anti-cancer agents 1. sep. 2021
Short/Branched Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency: a newborn screening disorder and a novel therapeutic target 1. sep. 2021
Cellular Immunology Project, Section of physiology and cell biology. 31. aug. 2021
“Molecular mechanisms of endosomal maturation.” Advanced Confocal microscopy techniques in cell biology and general molecular cell biology techniques 25. aug. 2021
Characterization of adhesion factors from a microbial fish pathogen 13. aug. 2021
Characterization of secreted enzymes from a microbial fish pathogen 13. aug. 2021
Deciphering novel killing mechanisms of NK cells 13. aug. 2021
Modulating the mobile genome: impact of drugs on transposable elements 12. aug. 2021
Development of a large-scale and high throughput serum/plasma proteomics workflow 10. juni 2021
Bioinformatics: Predicting enhancer-promoter links from cancer transcriptomics data with network science 7. juni 2021
SUMO-regulated differentiation of human adipose stem cells into adipocytes 15. apr. 2021
Characterization of the cellular stress response that is triggered by centromere-less chromosomes 15. apr. 2021
Tankyrase/WNT signaling inhibition in cancer immunotherapy 7. apr. 2021
Protein glycans as vaccine antigens against gonorrhea 24. feb. 2021
Screening and molecular characterization of epigenetics and DNA repair inhibitors as radiosensitizers in prostate cancer. 8. feb. 2021
Osteosarcoma as part of the most common hereditary cancer syndrome, Lynch Syndrome 10. nov. 2020