Cellebiologi, fysiologi og nevrovitenskap

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Comparative immunology: The unusual adaptive immune system of Atlantic cod 20. sep. 2021
Immunogenetics of complex immune-mediated diseases 20. sep. 2021
Regulation of chromatin dynamics and gene expression by TOR signaling 13. sep. 2021
The RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain in DNA repair 13. sep. 2021
Uncovering the molecular network behind muscle memory 10. sep. 2021
Succinate transport in crucian carp - a key to living without oxygen? 9. sep. 2021
Deciphering the impact of nuclear architecture dysregulation in breast cancer progression 8. sep. 2021
Cellular Immunology Project, Section of physiology and cell biology. 31. aug. 2021
“Molecular mechanisms of endosomal maturation.” Advanced Confocal microscopy techniques in cell biology and general molecular cell biology techniques 25. aug. 2021
Deciphering novel killing mechanisms of NK cells 13. aug. 2021
The impact of tau protein hyperphosphorylation on visual associative memory in mice 7. juni 2021
Tankyrase/WNT signaling inhibition in cancer immunotherapy 6. apr. 2021
Congenital brain malformation caused by mutations in novel disease genes 1. okt. 2020
Immunotherapy & Biotechnology: Validation of humanized Chimeric Antigen Receptors targeted against solid tumour 22. sep. 2020
Novel cancer-relevant functions of GCN2 7. aug. 2020
Social stress and pain – can stress lead to epigenetic reprogramming of the brain? 31. juli 2020
Processing pathways in Idiotope-driven T-B cell collaboration 17. juni 2020
Innate immunity, TREM2 and Alzheimer’s disease 20. aug. 2019
Characterization of novel molecular pathways regulating cancer cell migration 13. aug. 2018
Muscle memory in humans 12. apr. 2018
The dynamic nature of the Golgi apparatus in biosynthesis and structure 22. mars 2018
Master projects in the Prydz group 22. mars 2018
How transcription factors contribute to changes in muscle physiology. 22. mars 2018