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Effects of air pollution particles in advanced co-culture cell models of the air-blood barrier 10. sep. 2019
  • Johan Øvrevik,
  • Marit Låg,
  • Tonje Skuland,
  • Vegard Sæter Grytting,
  • Magne Refsnes
Anatomical constraints on venom and toxin evolution in giant centipedes. 26. aug. 2019
Anatomical constraints on venom and toxin evolution in giant centipedes. 26. aug. 2019
Innate immunity, TREM2 and Alzheimer’s disease 20. aug. 2019
Therapeutic bispecific T-cell engager (BiTEs) antibodies targeting cells presenting gliadin peptides 20. aug. 2019
Identification of novel regulatory dependencies for Giroblastoma 19. aug. 2019
The epigenetic regulation of NFAT transcription factors in exercise 15. aug. 2019
Uncovering the molecular network behind muscle memory. 15. aug. 2019
In vivo imaging of phenotype changes in muscle. 15. aug. 2019
New Assessment Methods in regulatory toxicology: development of methodology for the use of meta-analysis of in vivo studies and integration of data from different data streams. 15. aug. 2019
Consequences of exposure to sublethal imidacloprid doses in a widely distributed collembolan 15. aug. 2019
Receptor signaling systems regulating cell separation and immunity in Arabidopsis 13. aug. 2019
Busting blood clots 12. aug. 2019
Master projects in Ethiopia 12. aug. 2019
Linking metabolic rewiring and chemoresistance in human pancreatic cancer 12. aug. 2019
Metabolic Rewiring in Human Pancreatic Cancer 12. aug. 2019
Identification of new inhibitors of DNA-damage repair for cancer treatment 12. aug. 2019
Deciphering adaptive immunity using high-throughput genomics and proteomics approaches. 12. aug. 2019
Immune cell effects of environmental chemicals after in vitro exposure: a high-dimentional single-cell mass cytometry approach 9. aug. 2019
  • Johan Øvrevik,
  • Unni C Nygaard,
  • Hege Hjertholm,
  • Berit Granum,
  • Hubert Dirven,
  • Anette K. Bølling
In silico toxicokinetics - modelling bioaccumulation 9. aug. 2019
Use of ddPCR for characterization of the genotoxic effect of ionizing radiation on the mitochondrial genome 9. aug. 2019
Developmental neurotoxicity of acrylamide and its metabolite glycidamide in vitro and in chicken embryo 9. aug. 2019
Uncovering the Transcription factor atlas in Sarcomas 8. aug. 2019
Targeted MHC antigen loading in immunotherapy. 6. aug. 2019
High end microscopy and analysis of endosomal trafficking and signalling. 6. aug. 2019