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Cabin rent

The the cabins at «Furufjell» can be rented by employees all year round. The cabins are idyllically located on Spjærøy on Hvaler. There is great demand for the cabins in the summer season as well as on weekends in the spring and autumn. Therefore, apply for renting them well in advance.

Note: Due to the corona pandemic, cabins are closed and rentals are not possible throughout 2020.

Location and amenities

Furufjell is located on the island of Spjærøy between Sydengen and Myrvoll on Hvaler. The property spans nine acres of land with two houses, a main building of approx. 100 sqm with room for nine people, and an annex with room for two people (in double bed). The main house has a large living room that can be used for a small seminar.

Each house has a TV, fridge with freezer, large stove, small microwave and kitchen equipment, as well as duvets and pillows. Duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases you must bring yourself.

The same goes for towels and cloths, both personal and for the kitchen. You have to provide toilet/kitchen paper and all types of detergent yourself. There is a dishwasher in the main house.


There is plenty of space for parking your car in three places on the site. The neighbor's parking lot is marked "private" and must not be used.

Boat and bicycles

Each cabin has a small boat with outboard motor. The boats are four to five minutes walk from the cabin site. The basement is common to the main house and annex. There are several bicycles for common use.

Hiking and swimming

There are great hiking and swimming opportunities on all the Hvaler Islands. The nearest bathing opportunity is the pier where the boats are located at Myrvoll.


For hygienic reasons it is forbidden to bring pets. The ban applies both indoors and outdoors to the entire property.

Lokal supervisor

Contact person at Spjærøy is Morten Dahl (975 29 101) and Mette Dahl (996 06 059) who lives in the house on the upper side (south) of the cabin.


On the E6 from Oslo, take off to road 110 towards Fredrikstad. Then follow road 108 towards Hvaler. After crossing the bridge to Spjærøy, turn left three times. First to Sydengen, then direction Myrvoll and finally a private dirt road to «Furufjell». See map (


Main house
Rent for a week 3000,- for up to 4 persons (> 1 year)
650,- per person as of 5th person  (> 1 year)
500,- per extra day
Rent for a weekend 1000,- for up to 4 persons (> 1 year)
400,- per person as of 5th person  (> 1 year)
400,- per extra day
Rent for a week 1000,-

for up to 2 persons  (> 1 year)

300,- for a modest extra bed
200,- per extra day
Rent for a weekend 600,- for up to 2 persons  (> 1 year)
200,- for a modest extra bed
200,- per extra day

No fee is charged for children under one year of age. One week is counted from Saturday to Saturday 13:00 (1 PM). A weekend is counted from Friday to Sunday.

Application for rent

  • Application form (pdf) - (word)
  • The application deadline for the high season (June - August) is April 15 each year.
  • The cabins are most popular during the summer months and weekends from April to September, so it pays to apply in good time.
  • Further information can be obtained from the head of the Holiday Foundation Trond Harr (e-mail), tel. 920 55 303/22 46 21 26.

About the Holiday Foundation

The purpose of the UiO Holiday Foundation is to run a holiday resort for employees at the University of Oslo, and is run by funds from the rental business and by grants from UiO through the institution's Culture and Welfare Committee.

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