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Bicycle parking and showers

Do you ride a bike or run to work? Here you will find an overview of locked bicycle parking and wardrobes with a shower.

UiO facilitates that most employees can bike to work. In addition to UiO BIL's bike to work-campaign, we offer wardrobes with showers in most buildings.

Outside most of UiO's buildings you will find mounted bicycle racks that the bicycles can be locked to using your own lock. We also have some bicycle parking spaces that are locked with a card lock. We are working on improving the offer for cyclists. 

Locked bicycle parking

For employees who wish for the bicycle to be locked under a roof, UiO has three closed areas that can be opened with the employee card. Note that it is not allowed to bring bicycles into UiO's buildings.

Wardrobes with showers

In many of UiO's buildings there are wardrobes with showers that can be used by employees.

Report damages, defects and needs

Report needs related to cleaning, outdoor space, waste, internal relocation, courier services or other daily maintenance work.

Report damages, defects and needs