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Employee ID card

Everyone employed at UiO for more than three months must have their own employee ID card with their name, photo, date of birth and signature. The card is normally issued within two days after starting work at UiO and must be renewed every five years. Persons with a different type of affiliation to UiO can obtain non-personal cards on loan.

How to obtain a card

What types of card are obtainable, and by whom?

  • Employee ID cards are issued to persons employed by UiO. Cards are also issued to PhD candidates who have their work place at UiO, but who have external funding/employment.
  • Other persons may receive a non-personal loan card for access to buildings and rooms in their local unit. Remember to hand it back at the place of issue when no longer needed.

When can you obtain a card?

  • New employees will normally be able to obtain a card within two days after starting work at UiO.
  • The card must be renewed every five years.
  • A new card is issued if your personal data change, or if the card is lost, no longer works or is worn out; see Changing and renewing your card.

Where can you obtain a card?

  • The card is issued at the SiO Customer Service in the Kristian Ottosen Building at Blindern Campus.
  • You must attend in person and bring a valid ID, such as a passport or bank card.
  • Your photo will be taken at the same time. Note: The card system is locked and does not allow import of external photos, for example from UiO’s online presentation of employees.
  • Personal data are imported directly from UiO’s salary and HR system, SAPDFØ, updated nightly. In case of errors, contact your manager or local HR officer (Norwegian) for correction in the SAPDFØ system.
  • You must choose a four-digit PIN code that is linked to your access rights. If you should later forget your PIN code or wish to change it, you must attend in person at the SiO Customer Service.
  • Ask whether you card is activated as an access card when it is issued to you at the SiO Customer Service. If the card is not activated, contact the office manager for your unit.

Functions of the card


  • The cardholder’s name, date of birth, photo and signature are on the front of the card.
  • The card is valid as identification when you are in buildings belonging to UiO, and must be presented upon request.
  • The card shall be worn visibly in places where this is mandatory.

Access card

  • The card is activated for use as an access card to buildings, zones and rooms that you are associated with. This function is programmed into the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.
  • When you are issued with an employee ID card, you choose a four-digit personal code that is linked to the access card function.
  • Cards are activated for access by the Security Operation Centre upon notification by the office manager for your unit. The office manager will normally give this notification in advance of the card being issued, so that it immediately works as an access card. Contact your local office manager if this is not the case. As a rule, the Security Operation Centre activates cards on the same day it is notified by the office manager, and at the latest within 24 hours.
  • If you later need access to more or different buildings, zones and rooms, contact your local office manager who will notify the Security Operation Centre. The PIN code remains unchanged.

Access to Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet’s premises

Requests for access to Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet’s premises can be made to Rikshospitalet directly by e-mail or telephone:

  • E-mail:
  • Tel.: 23 07 09 33 / 23 06 60 50 / 913 47 413
  • Location: Room C3.1031, Sogn Arena, 3rd floor.
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 12.00

Access to the Research Park

Units with employees working in the Research Park must follow the Research Park’s routines for registration of new employees and production of access cards. This is in addition to UiO employee ID cards.

University Library lending card

The card has a barcode that can be activated for the loan of books through the University Library. Contact the University Library to activate the Oria code. This procedure must be repeated if the card is reissued.

Free access to museums

Upon presentation of the employee ID card, employees are granted free access to:

Lost card

Changing and renewing your card

  • Changes to personal data must be registered in UiO’s salary and HR system, SAPDFØ, before the SiO Customer Service. can issue a new card. Therefore you should first contact your local HR officer (Norwegian) to check that your correct personal data have been entered in SAPDFØ. If you have changed your name, you must be able to show a valid form of ID with the new name, or a marriage or civil partnership certificate if relevant. When your personal data have been correctly registered in SAPDFØ, go in person to the SiO Centre to have a new card issued. Take your old card with you as well as ID showing any new personal data.
  • The card must be renewed every five years.
  • If your card is worn out or damaged, the SiO Customer Service will issue a new card free of charge when the old one is handed in for shredding.

For managers: how to order a card

If you are an administrative manager and have:

  • a new employee who needs access to buildings, zones, or rooms
  • an employee who cannot access buildings, zones, or rooms with his or her employee ID card
  • an employee who needs to be able to access more or different buildings, zones, and rooms with his or her employee ID card
  • a need for non-personal ID cards for loan

Send an e-mail to containing the following information:

Employee ID card:

  • Name and employee number
  • Time period of affiliation with UiO
  • To which buildings, zones, and rooms access is required, possibly for which period.
  • For employees arriving from abroad, the information must include:
    • date of birth
    • that the employee has arrived from abroad and from which country
    • name of the unit the employee is affiliated with
  • For PhD candidates with external funding/employment, the information must include:
    • Norwegian ID number
    • name of the unit the PhD candidate is affiliated with

Non-personal loan card:

  • Number of cards
  • To which buildings, zones, and rooms the cards are to give access to.
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