Registering new suppliers/agreements/contracts

A form for registering a new supplier/agreement/contract should be sent to the Procurement Office via:


  • Suppliers must not themselves send  the form directly to the  above mentioned  e-mail address. Forms must be sent by UiO employee.
  • Please note that any forms with incomplete information will be returned. This applies in particular to the Product Category field, which must be filled in by the person  who is registering the supplier.
  • The field for new or amended agreement must only be used by the Procurement Office and the departments that are authorized to register  contracts and framework agreements on behalf of UiO.
  • The form must be used for the following:
    • new framework agreement
    • new contract
    • new supplier
    • updated information about suppliers
  • You can request an overview of registered suppliers from the Procurement Office.

The Procurement Office does not take any responsibility for errors in the submitted form. If the data concerning a supplier  in the purchasing system is incorrect, please send us an updated version of the form, so we can update the data.


Published Aug. 28, 2013 2:44 PM - Last modified June 19, 2017 7:27 PM