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Internal resources and administrative procedures at MN

Externally funded projects: Advice in regards to the coronavirus situation

Stipends for research stays abroad

The MN Faculty wishes to encourage its researchers to spend a research period abroad and has provided funding for travel support. Both temporary and permanent academic staff are eligible to apply.

KD positions

The MN Faculty has a large number of positions available from the Ministry of Education (Kunnskapsdepartementet).

ERC - internal checklist

Internal note for research advisers, project economists and others, with recommendations and things to remember in the ERC application process.

Exchange rates

The MN Faculty has decided that an average exchange rate for NOK-EUR should be used during the project budgeting. This average exchange rate is updated twice a year.

  • Rate from January 1st 2020 until (and incl.) June 30th 2020 is: NOK 9.8507 = EUR 1.
  • Related budgeting exchange rates for other common currencies: USD (8.8037) and GBP (11.2307).

Please contact Jørgen Kirksæther for further information.

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