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Assistance with applications for funding

The UiO has acquired a common framework agreement for consultancy services in respect of developing applications. The faculty is investing in researchers who will apply for EU funding to get help with the applications. Read more about how here.

Illustration of a EU advisor helping our researchers with their applications for funding fra Colourbox

Consultancy assistance for achieving success when competing for EU funding.  Illustration: Colourbox

You can obtain assistance with applications for all mechanisms contained in the EU’s Framework Programme. In addition to receiving support from the Faculty’s EU advisers, researchers can now also receive consultancy assistance when writing applications. Anyone seeking advice on how to succeed when competing for EU funding can contact the Faculty’s External Research Funding Unit (EEF).

The EEF will then consider the best way of helping the researcher concerned. The Unit will need to be involved in any communications which take place between the consultant and the researcher. Consultancy assistance is subject to time limits. In order for consultancy assistance to be successful, drafts must be sent well in advance of the application deadline.

Application support and proofreading

The EEF provides advice and support for all applications. Its consultancy companies have an agreement to provide assistance with applications under the following categories:

  1. ERC and Marie S. Curie (not IF). We have three providers in this category: Innovayt Norge AS, Enspire Science LTD and Yellow Research BV.

  2. Thematic instruments (applied collaborative projects under H2020, ER-NET, JPI, etc.). We have three providers in this category: Innovayt Norge AS, Enspire Science LT and Europa Media Group (EMG Group) PIc.

  3. For June 2020: All instruments. Fenix Consulting (Ingemar Pongratz).


By Silje M. Kile Rosseland
Published Sep. 2, 2019 2:15 PM - Last modified Sep. 2, 2019 2:15 PM