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Life Sciences inside and outside the Life Science Building

Life sciences represents the largest priority area at UiO. Four out of eight faculties have life sciences as their core activity, UiO:Life Science is a comprehensive strategic initiative at UiO , and from 2024 the life science building will be Norway's largest research building.


The life science building will give a boost for research, education and innovation activities at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. At the same time, many of the core activities in life sciences must take place outside the new building. The faculty now initiates development of a collective prioritization of thematic areas in life sciences, across departments and independently of campus location. The work starts locally at the Department of Biosciences, the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry, and will build on the academic development plan from last autumn. We will associate the work closely to the strategic process initiated by the Department of Biosciences and the ongoing development of a roadmap for research infrastructure at UiO.

In December, the faculty will submit a plan to UiO for the realization of thematic areas through our own priorities, and as part of this clarify which thematic areas that can be accommodated in the life science building. UiO:Life Science will contribute by providing a good link to corresponding processes at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry.

In early 2020, the inputs from the three faculties will be coordinated. In March, the university management will receive a report with recommended thematic areas related to the life science building. This report is important, particularly because it will affect the final decision on who should move into the new building.

It is equally important for UiO to be able to highlight the strategic significance of the new building and the life science initiative – for research and education as a basis for solving the major societal challenges in areas such as health, climate and the environment, and for business development in areas such as biotechnology, medical technology, drug development and diagnostics. The thematic areas will form the basis for internal priorities at UiO and facilitate good communication with the outside world. The thematic areas shall cover the entire field of life sciences, and include the work that will take place inside as well as outside the life science building.

By Vice-Dean Solveig Kristensen
Published June 6, 2019 10:58 AM - Last modified June 6, 2019 10:59 AM