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How to submit jobs to Colossus from MS-Windows environment.

It is not possible to submit jobs to the Colossus HPC cluster directly from a MS Windows machine. Therefore, TSD projects that need access to Colossus are provided with one dedicated Linux submit virtual machine (VM) per project. Users who use Windows VMs to connect to their projects in TSD should follow this procedure to log in to their Linux submit VMs. From the Linux submit VM, they can submit jobs to Colossus.

1. Log in to your Windows VM first (normally called "pNN-win01"; where "pNN" is your project number).

2. Run the program "PuTTY" from your Windows VM.

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3. Configure "PuTTY" as follows:


  • Choose "Session" in the left category pane.
  • Set "Host Name (or IP address)": pNN-submit (where pNN is your project number)
  • Set "Connection type": SSH

Putty menus

4. You can save the configuration for later use by giving a name on the “Saved Session” as shown in the above picture and press save button on the right.

5. Choose the saved Session from the list and press "Open" at the bottom. Then you will get a ssh terminal as shown on the following picture. Login by using your username and password for TSD. Accept the SSH key.

Putty terminal window

6. You are now logged in to your Linux submit VM. From here you can follow the instructions on the Colossus User Guide to submit jobs to Colossus.


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