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Getting started.

To apply for access to a TSD-project you have to log in through ID-porten.


When you are going to use TSD, you must be linked to a project. You create your TSD user by applying for access to the project and identifying yourself through ID-porten, by means of bank ID on mobile or similar.

The following steps assume that you have a Norwegian electronic ID. If you apply from abroad and do not have a Norwegian electronic ID, please ask the administrator of your project to submit an application for you.

1. Software requirements for using TSD

VMware client

To use TSD, you can use the web client but it is highly recommended to install the VMWare Horizon client on your computer.

Note: there are known issues when using Linux in TSD with the web client:

  1. For Mac OS, the keyboard layout does not sync when working inside TSD.
  2. Performance is better with the VMware client installed.

Non-UiO computer

If you are not associated with the UiO, download and install VMware Horizon.  

For Windows, Mac or Linux computers
  1. Go to
  2. Choose Install VMware Horizon Client.VmWare installer                              
  3. Click the Go to downloads link for your specific operating system.meny med nedlastinger av VMWare-klienten.
  4. Donwload the software client.Windows-klienten i menyen.

  5. Run the installer and follow the instructions. You must have admin rights to the machine to do this.  

  6. When the installation is complete, open the VMware Horizon Client.

  7. Click + choose Add server and type in

  8. Log in to TSD with your username and password. The next time you open the VMware client, the server will be in the server list.

  9. You may need to restart your computer.

On a UiO-operated, desktop computer

  1. Ask local IT to install the VMware client for you from the Application Catalog (SCCM).
  2. Follow steps 6 - 9 in the instructions for On Windows, Mac or Linux computers above.

OTP application for your smartphone

Install Google Authenticator on your phone. It is used for two-factor identification when logging in to TSD.

2. Getting access to a project

Before you can apply for access to a project, you must have the project code ready. You get the code from the person who gives you access to the project.

1: Go to and click Apply for membership

Logg inn, apply for project.

2: You can then choose which electronic ID you want to use to log in. Once you have logged in, you will have the opportunity to apply for access - Apply for user account

Apply for user-rute

3: Fill in the fields and be sure to enter the correct project code in the Project code field. Press Submit application. You will now be asked to log in with Feide. Here you enter the username and password for the institution you are affiliated with.

To avoid delays, please inform the project PI about your application.  When the project PI approves your application you will receive an email including your initial credentials (see next paragraph below).

3. Receiving your initial login credentials

You will now receive an email with information about your TSD account. Here you will find your TSD username for the project you have been granted access to.

4. Access to Windows VMs in your project

The Project Administrator manages the access to Windows Virtual Machines (VM) for Project Members.

5. Next step - Get OTP QR code

Return to the Selfservice Portal to both retrieve a QR code to use with Google Authenticator and set a password for your account.  Start with Get QR Code for Google Authenticator.

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