Semester abroad

A semester abroad is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge within other fields of economics. Every year, several students at the master’s programme take one semester abroad at one of the over 800 acknowledged universities that has an exchange agreement with UiO.

When and where can I go on exchange?

We recommend that you go on exchange during your third semester (autumn semester) and take courses that can be approved as optional courses at the 4000-level. You can also go on exchange during the spring semester, if you have taken ECON4150 - Introductory Econometrics or equivalent in your bachelor degree. 

The Department of Economics has exchange agreements with several European universities and their Departments of Economics in Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy, and with Fudan University in China.

You can also apply for the central UiO agreements with Universities in the U.S, Australia, Africa, Latin Amerika and Asia in addition to agreements under the Faculty of Social Science.

Master students will be given priority on the Department’s own exchange agreements. We prioritize students that are going on exchange in the recommended semester. Some agreements are highly competitive and we will therefor prioritize the students with the best grade point average.

Courses and approval

The following criteria apply to the selection of courses during the exchange semester:

1. The courses must be at the master’s level.

2. The courses must largely contain economics. Please note that marketing, management and accounting are not regarded as economics.

3. Courses must not overlap with other courses that you have already taken or will take as part of your master’s degree. If the course you choose is overlapping with optional courses offered by the Department, we will set barriers against these courses and you will therefore not be able to take these course as part of your degree.

4. If you want to take mandatory courses during the exchange, please contact the exchange coordinator that will help you in selecting relevant courses.

5. You must seek preapproval of all courses. This provides predictability for both you and us.  

Do note that not all institutions have the same course structure as the UiO. This means that you often have to take more than three courses per semester to achieve the equivalent of 30 credits. This is stipulated on the web pages of each agreement. If you are planning to exchange for two semesters, please contact your student advisor.  


Published June 6, 2012 10:00 AM - Last modified Mar. 7, 2018 1:46 PM