GEO4360 – Field Methods in Hydrogeology

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Course content

The course emphasizes exploration and testing methods for the purpose of finding and utilizing ground water resources, and also gives an introduction to pollution studies and control. The following methods and exercises are involved:

  • Field reconnesance and water sampling.
  • Land surveilance to determine geographic coordinates.
  • Groundwater sampling to delineate waste leachate pathways and contribution.
  • Piezometers and groundwater limnographs.
  • Geopysical exploration by seismic refraction, geoelectric and magnetic sonding and profiling, and ground penetrating radar.
  • Sounding and test drilling
  • Infiltration tests, slug tests and pumping test.
  • Data analysis and reporting.

Learning outcome

To give students practical experience in and knowledge of the most common methods used in groundwater exploration and pollution control. What kinds of aquifer characteristics can be obtained in the field? After finishing the class, the student should be able to evalute which methods are suitable for the study in question, and decide what kind of hydrogeological surveys are necessary for

  • groundwater extraction
  • management and protection of groundwater resources
  • studies of contaminant spreading in groundwater


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

GEO3020 – Soil- and groundwater (discontinued) OR GEO4020 – Soil- and groundwater (discontinued) OR other basic courses in geohydrology/hydrogeology.

The following course must be taken before the field trip/excursion in GEO4360:

MNHMS0015FS – Introduction to Field Safety (discontinued) OR HMS0504 – Field Safety

Recommended previous knowledge

Basic knowledge in chemistry, physics and geosciences


Intensive class and field instruction over two weeks in June. This course is a national field class in hydrogeology with participation from UMB, UiB, UiO and HiT. The students are divided into groups to ensure a mix of students from different backgrounds. There are morning and afternoon sessions in the field and evening sessions with data analysis and report writing.

Attendance at the first lecture is compulsory. Students who fail to meet, are considered to have withdrawn from the course unless they have previously given notice to the Studies administration, email address:

To attend the field trip/excursion it is required that the following course is passed:

You will need to provide documentation that you have passed HMS0504 when you attend the field trip/excursion.

General information about excursions at the Department of geosciences.

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The group report (written) counts 100% and will be evaluated to Pass/No Pass.

Language of examination

In this course any written exam questions or assignment questions may be available in English only.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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