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The course will cover basic toxicology and ecotoxicology, including how toxic substances are taken up in the organisms, distributed, biotransformed and excreted, how toxic substances react with biomolecules and downstream consequenses  for the organism, as well as knowledge about toxic substances, e.g. metals, organic contaminants and pesticides. The course aims to provide a holistic view of the topic by bridging human toxicology and ecotoxicology.

BIO4500 can be taken in the same semester as BIO4540 – Human Toxicology (discontinued) and BIO4550 – Ecotoxicology (discontinued).

First lecture is mandatory.  If you can not attend the first lecture, please send a note to, before the first lecture.

Learning outcome

After completing this course you should have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of sources, levels and mechanisms of action for toxic substances.
  • Understanding of exposure, uptake, metabolism, distribution and excretion of toxicants.
  • Knowledge of effects of toxic substances on molecular and cellular levels, on individual health and on natural populations and communities, including the use of biomarkers.
  • Knowledge of ecotoxicology, environmental pollution, oil effects, pharmaceutical toxicology, as well have an overview of different categories of toxic substances.
  • Upon completion of the course, the student should have an understanding of basic principles in ecotoxicology and toxicology, and of regulatory toxicology.


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Recommended previous knowledge

Necessary knowledge in organic chemistry, cell biology and biochemistry, for example the courses MBV1010 – Cell biology and genetics (discontinued), MBV1030 – General biochemistry (discontinued), MBV2020 – Laboratory course (discontinued) and BIO2140 – Molecular biology and Biological Methods (discontinued) are recommended.

Overlapping courses

10 credits against BIO3500.


The teaching takes Place in week 34-39 with lectures and group exercises.

Attendance to the first lecture is mandatory


Approved participation in classes and one written digital final exam (100%). 

Digital examination

The written examination is conducted in the digital examination system Inspera. You will need to familiarize yourself with the digital examination arrangements in Inspera.

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Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

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The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.


The course is offered if the number of students are more than 3.

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Every autumn

Teaching language

Norwegian (English on request)