IN4030 – Introduction to Bioinformatics

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Course content

This course provides an introduction to key concepts and methods in bioinformatics. Emphasis will be put on review of efficient algorithms, data structures, and techniques used in current applications for the analysis of DNA, RNA and protein sequences. Necessary basic knowledge of molecular biology will be communicated throughout. Topics covered include comparison and alignment of two or more sequences, indexing and searching of sequence databases, motif discovery, searching with sequence patterns and profiles, gene prediction, clustering and phylogenetics, as well as mapping and assembly of data from genome sequencing.

Learning outcome

After having completed IN4030 you will:

  • understand fundamental concepts in bioinformatics
  • have an overview of the most important methods and tools that are used
  • understand how some of the basic methods for biological sequence analysis works
  • understand the need for methods to be accurate and efficient
  • be able to implement some of the algorithms
  • be capable of performing simple sequence analyses using existing tools

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IN1000 – Introduction to Object-oriented Programming/INF1000 – Introduction to object-oriented programming (continued)/IN1900 – Introduction to Programming with Scientific Applications/INF1100 – Introduction to programming with scientific applications (continued)

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2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of exercises per week.


Grade will be given based on two partial exams that count 15% each, and a final 4-hour written digital examination counting 70%.

To have the opportunity to take the final exam, answers to the two first partial exams must be submitted, but it is not required that they be passed.

All exams must be completed in one semester.


It will also be counted as one of your three attempts to sit the exam for this course, if you sit the exam for one of the following courses: INF4350 - Introductory Course in Bioinformatics (continued)INF5330 - Bioinformatikk (discontinued)INF5340 - Algorithms in bioinformatics (discontinued)INF2300 - Grunnkurs i bioinformatikk (discontinued)INF3350 - Grunnkurs i bioinformatikk (discontinued). The list is not exhaustive.

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