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As a general rule, exams will be conducted without physical attendance in the autumn of 2021, even after the reopening. See the semester page for information about the form of examination in your course. See also more information about examination at the MN Faculty in 2021.

Course content

The course provides an integrated description of the chemical processes and equilibrium systems that determine mobility, transport, turnover, and effects of chemical contaminants in air, soil, and water. It also provides an introduction to natural chemical processes in the environment. 

Learning outcome

The course will provide students with basic knowledge necessary to understand and predict effect of chemical contaminants in the environment. You will learn about:

  • pollutants in water and soil
  • chemical equilibriums in air, soil and water
  • dissolved natural organic matter
  • the basics of atmospheric chemistry (tropospheric chemistry, stratospheric chemistry)
  • outdoor and indoor air pollution
  • the greenhouse effect and global climate change
  • the basics of aerosol chemistry and physics
  • the sources, transport and fate of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the environment

Admission to the course

Students admitted at UiO must apply for courses in Studentweb. Students enrolled in other Master's Degree Programmes can, on application, be admitted to the course if this is cleared by their own study programme.

Nordic citizens and applicants residing in the Nordic countries may apply to take this course as a single course student.

If you are not already enrolled as a student at UiO, please see our information about admission requirements and procedures for international applicants.

KJM3070 – Biogeochemistry

Overlapping courses


The teaching includes 30 hours of lectures.


  • Final oral exam which counts 100 % towards the final grade.

It will also be counted as one of the three attempts to sit the exam for this course, if you sit the exam for one of the following courses: KJM9700 – Environmental Chemistry

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Resit an examination

Students who can document a valid reason for absence from the regular examination are offered a postponed exam at the beginning of the next semester.

New examinations are offered at the beginning of the next semester for students who do not successfully complete the exam during the previous semester.

We do not offer a re-scheduled exam for students who withdraw during the exam.

Special examination arrangements, use of sources, explanations and appeals

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Facts about this course

Teaching language
Norwegian (English on request)