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Research leadership programmes

UiO's research leadership programmes offer research leaders intensive development sessions. As a participant you may expect significant personal yields and valuable inspiration in your efforts to build a vibrant research environment and provide beneficial framework conditions for research and research cooperation within your field of expertise. The programmes are offered biannually in English and Norwegian.

Research Leadership Programme - Consolidating Level 2020

This programme serves "operative" professional research leaders who have some years of experience with research leadership (as a group leader, project manager, head of a research centre, etc.) In 2020 [postponed until 2021) the programme is offered in Norwegian with four joint events. 

The application deadline was 1st February, 2020. The admission process is now completed.

* NB: The programme has been postponed to 2021 as part of the measures to halt the spreading of the corona-virus*

Research Leadership programme - Starting Level 2020

This programme serves researchers who recently have been given research leadership responsibilities. The RLP-Start 2020 programme is offered in English with two joint events in 2020.


The application deadline was 1st February, 2020. The admission process is now                 completed.

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Dates in 2020

Research Leadership Programme - Consolidating Level (FLP14)
[NB: The programme has been postponed to 2021]

  • 1st joint event: 26-28 January 2021
  • 2nd joint event:1-3 March 2021
  • 3rd joint event: 2-3 June 2021
  • 4th joint event: 25-26 August 2021

NB: The programme will be in Norwegian in 2020/2021


The FLP14 joint events will take place at   Sundvolden Hotell


Research Leadership Programme - Starting Level (RLP-Start 2020)
[The start of the programme has been postponed to September 2020]

  • 1st joint event: 7-9 September 2020
  • 2nd joint event: 3-4 November 2020


The RLP-Start joint events will be at Soria Moria Hotell.

Dates in 2021

Research Leadership Programme - Consolidating Level (RLP15)

The next research leadership programme - Consolidating level will be held in 2022 (dates of joint events to be decided)


Research Leadership Programme - Starting Level (RLP-Start 2021)

RLP-Start is planned to take place in 2021.  Dates of joint events will be published autumn 2020.  The application deadline will be February 1st 2021.