The UiO Research Leadership Programme - Starting Level (RLP-Start)

RLP-Start is a leadership programme for researchers who are in the very beginning of their careers as research leaders. The aim of the programme is to provide a basis for reflection and leadership training in the beginning of the process of developing good practice as a research leader.

Target Group/participant profile

The target group of the UiO Research Leadership Programme-Starting level is researchers with the following characteristics:

  • A talented researcher who is in the very beginning of his/her career as a research leader.  He or she may recently have succeeded in attracting funding (a larger project) and thereby has been given the responsibility to build a research environment within his/her field, or he/she may recently have been given responsibility as a leader of a research environment (group/larger project/centre/section/programme)
  • We require all participants to be in a situation where they have something and someone to lead whilst they are taking part in RLP-Start
  • All applicants should be qualified beyond PhD level (e.g. post doc, researcher with PhD, associate professor).
  • It will strengthen the application if the applicant has received a highly competitive grant (e.g. ERC grant or Norwegian FRIPRO grant).

The programme has a capacity of 40 participants. A number of places (up to 15) are available for applicants from other institutions than UiO.

Time and venue for 2020

This is an intensive development programme. Therefore, participants are expected to attend both joint events (3+2 days):

  1. Event: 15-17 April, 2020, Soria Moria Hotel, Voksenkollveien 60, 0790 Oslo, map (
  2. Event: 07-08 September, 2020, Soria Moria Hotel, Voksenkollveien 60, 0790 Oslo, map (


The programme aims to give participants

  • A basic understanding of  reflective research leadership and relational aspects of research leadership
  • An introduction to the development of research groups/teams/environments
  • Knowledge of some tools that can support good research leadership in practice

Using a combination of experience sharing, case work and exercises, the programme will have a clear focus on the individual participant’s situation and development as a research leader. It is therefore important that each participant has a leadership role to relate to and draw experiences from in the learning activities.

Detailed programmes and learning objectives will be developed for each event.

Application process

  • The individual applicant will submit his/her application for RLP-Start 2020 to his/her own faculty/museum/centre.  More information about the process is provided in the invitation letter.
  • The application deadline is February 1st 2020. NB: please note that your unit may have set a different internal deadline.
  • Due to the limited capacity of the programme, not everyone who applies may be admitted. The programme team at the University of Oslo is responsible for admission. Ensuring diversity in the participant group is an important part of the admission process.
  • Admitted participants will be notified by the middle of February 2020. They will also receive an invitation to an individual preparatory dialogue, between the 2nd and 13th of March 2020.

Course fee

  • The course fee will be NOK 15000 per participant from UiO.
  • For external participants the course fee will be NOK 32500 per participant.
  • Invoice information should be included in the application form(s).
  • The course fee covers board and lodging between course days. The cost of overnight stays before or after the joint events is not covered by the course fee and must be arranged separately.

Programme team

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