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Training mobility

All UiO employees (applicants who works at other universities must contact their own institution) can apply for Erasmus+ funding for short training periods at higher education institutions, companies and organisations in Europe. The stay must be pre-approved by your manager and should be relevant and useful for your field of work.

Academic staff interested in going abroad to teach may apply for a teaching mobility grant.


Program objective

The mobility grant is meant to increase the level of international activity at UiO departments and units by offering them financial compensation. By reimbursing some of the costs related to stays abroad to the department/unit in question, we hope to give more employees the opportunity to go abroad.

Funding criteria

  • You can receive financial support for training stays in Erasmus+ programme countries.
  • The minimum duration is 2 full working days. In addition, you can receive funding for up to 2 travel days.
  • The maximum duration is 60 days. The daily grant amount is reduced after the 14th day. The average Application is from 3-5 days, and normally you will not receive funding for more than 5 days.
  • Conference participation is not eligible for Erasmus+ funding.
  • If you are going to a higher education institution, the institution must hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).
  • An inter-institutional agreement between UiO and the receiving institution in not required.
  • In case of competition between applicants, those who have not received funding through Erasmus+ staff mobility before will be prioritized.

Examples of stays that might be eligible for support

  • Participation in international weeks, staff training weeks, partner days, etc.
  • Job shadowing: administrative staff spending a few days with colleagues at a higher education institution to learn from them and share best practices
  • Seminars and workshops at higher education institutions or in other relevant organisations
  • Lab training (for academic staff and doctoral research fellows)
  • Methods and summer courses (for academic staff and doctoral research fellows)
  • Study visits for observation or training in a company
  • Language courses

Special needs

If you have special needs that require facilitation, you can apply for additional funds for this. The funds will cover the additional expenses that are not covered by aids/support that you are entitled to take with you from Norway. Contact us for more information if this applies to you.

Grant rates

See overview.

How does it work

The grant amount for travel and subsistence is calculated based on fixed rates by the European Commission. The Erasmus+ grant is not intended to cover all expenses related to the staff mobility. Expenses exceeding the grant must be covered by your department/unit. Your administrative manager must confirm that the stay is approved and that the department/unit is willing to cover possible additional expenses. The grant is reimbursed directly to your department/unit after your stay.

When do I apply?

There is no set application deadline. Please apply as early as possible, and allow for up to four weeks of processing time. Applications are processed on a continuing basis.

Before you leave

  1. Contact your local international coordinator. They can provide help and guidance with your application. Doctoral research fellows are advised to contact their research adviser or PhD coordinator as well.
  2. You need a confirmation from the receiving institution:
    • Contact a receiving institution to check if they will take you on, or
    • Apply or sign up for the event, training or workshop in question
  3. You need a confirmation from your administrative manager.
  4. Submit the online application to UiO.
    • Explain the purpose, content, duration and expected outcome of your stay
    • Upload the confirmation and/or detailed program from the receiving institution
    • Upload the signed Mobility Agreement
    • If your application is granted you will receive a Grant Agreement that must be signed and returned to the Erasmus+ team before departure.

    During your stay

    Ask the receiving institution to confirm the dates of your stay by signing the Confirmation of Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training (word).

    After your stay

    1. Return the Confirmation of Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training (word) to We accept electronic versions of the form, and do not require the original.
    2. Expenses related to the staff mobility will only be reimbursed once you submit a travel expenses claim in the self-service portal when you return, see user guide. Remember to keep all receipts. Note that the grant is not intended to cover all expenses associated with your stay. Should the travel expenses exceed the amount of support, your institution / unit must cover the excess amount
    3. Your department/unit will settle the travel expenses claim. You must send a copy of the travel expenses claim to to make sure that your unit receives the grant.
    4. You must also submit an electronical report of your stay, which will be sent to your e-mail.
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