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Deduction for unpaid off-time / payment for imposed overtime when compensated by off-time

Employees paid according to the A table and with a 37.5 hour week are deducted in salary for unpaid off-time. If imposed overtime is compensated by off-time, the difference between the overtime rate and the ordinary hourly rate is paid.

Automatic calculation in SAP

Calculations and deductions are made ‚Äč‚Äčautomatically by the salary system SAP according to registrations of absence in the HR portal.

Calculation formula

The hourly rate is calculated as follows:

  • Gross annual salary including OU fee/1850, rounded to one decimal
  • For payment of overtime paid with a 50% addition, the hourly rate above is divided by 2, rounded to one decimal

The number 1850 is an estimate of the number of hours of a basic work year. It is determined by an agreement between the civil service unions and state sector employers.

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