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Salary for external lecturers and supervisors

Personnel paid by the hour who have teaching duties only are remunerated for teaching, including preparation and follow-up work per clock hour on the basis of the salary grade which the person in question is entitled to and/or the teaching level required.

Position codes and pay grade

The set-up below is a technical solution for placement in UiO's salary scale and is not intended to be in direct accordance with the external position/competence. The objective is to determine payment according to the appropriate salary scale. An individual assessment of the salary level is made for each lecturer/supervisor within each position code.

Position Position Code (SKO) Salary Frame Salary Grade
Colloquium supervisor without a master's degree
(LP 17.165 - Skoleverket)
1424  Teaching staff without approved pedagogical education   35-66
External lecturer without a doctor's degree 1009  University Lecturer 25 47-71
External lecturer with a doctor's degree 1198  Senior Lecturer 24 57-77
External lecturer with professor competence, referee etc. 1532  Professor   69-101


Recommended weighting for different kinds of teaching:

Category 1 Original lecture 5 hours per lecture hour
Category 2 Lecture/seminar 4 hours per lecture hour
Category 3 Chairing a seminar 3 hours per lecture hour
Category 4 Chairing a group 2 hours per lecture hour
Category 5 Chairing a colloquium 1.5 hours per lecture hour

The number of hours for each category is the total amount allocated for preparation, performance and follow-up work.

Case handling

Enter the salary grade and number of hours worked on the pay voucher. This ensures that the information is correctly registered in the Norwegian Public Pension Fund so that membership can be established when the criteria have been satisfied (i.e. having worked for the state in at least a 20 % position per calendar month).

Pay practise at units

Certain units have established a more specific pay practice for external teachers and supervisors. For details, see this page in Norwegian.

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